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The Value of Improving the Candidate Experience

Every recruiter understands the importance of ameliorating the application and hiring processes for potential candidates, but it’s not always clear how this is best achieved. What we do know is that the ideal candidate experience doesn’t consist solely of conventional (read: outdated) methods, but it doesn’t rely so heavily upon technology that the process becomes overly complex and convoluted, either. Staffers and recruiters need to provide engaging solutions that incorporate both effective recruiter-client interaction and skillful use of technology.

Many candidates express frustration when it comes to the excessive difficulty of applying to jobs online. The first complaint is that they are hard to find, and many of the jobs that they do have in mind don’t provide a means of applying electronically. As much as it’s important to keep the human in human resources recruiting with all of today’s advanced recruiting technology, it’s equally important not to underwhelm or turn away talent with a complete lack of technological engagement.

Even when organizations do offer job seekers the ability to apply online, many candidates find the application process to be unnecessarily time consuming and redundant. A majority of sites ask that the candidate enter duplicate information in a variety of forms, and some ask that the job seeker parse his or her own resume before submitting an application. These types of practices are surely more likely to turn away talent than to attract it. The job candidate will automatically perceive the position as less desirable based on the hiring process alone.

In order to facilitate the otherwise demanding (and oftentimes stressful) job application process, staffers and recruiters are accountable for ensuring that the entire hiring process is as comfortable as possible from the beginning through to completion. In order to do this, recruiting companies need to streamline and simplify their own strategies. Advanced recruiting tools are becoming more extensively used because they minimize hassle for both job applicants and recruiters. For job seekers, the best recruitment software will require information to be entered or uploaded just once, and it takes care of the parsing and additional analysis on its own. Recruiters are also allotted more time to engage with talent and better understand their goals and objectives, so that the end result is a well-suited hire (thus, a satisfied candidate). A recruitment solution (such as AkkenCloud) that considers ease-of-use according to the needs of both job seekers and recruiters can guarantee an all-around more efficient and enjoyable recruitment experience.

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