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Innovations That Changed Staffing

Here are four innovations/advances and how they have changed the staffing industry indefinitely


Staffing software has come a long way since its beginnings. Initially, staffing software was limited to basic tasks such as job postings and applicant tracking, and before that, things like the telegraph had to be created to even make it all possible. As technology advanced, so did staffing software, enabling employers to automate more of their recruitment processes and gain invaluable insight into their candidate pipeline. Today, staffing software is no longer just a tool to manage the hiring process but a fount of data to support companies in making more informed decisions. This article examines what technological innovations have changed the world of staffing.

The 1840s – The invention of the telegraph- Created the potential for an electronic communication network.

The telegraph revolutionized the staffing industry by making communication almost instantaneous. Before this technology, companies relied largely on slow means of communication such as written letters. Resulting in operations being slower and more labor-intensive than necessary. The telegraph enabled staffing professionals to make quick decisions, allowing them to better staff projects swiftly and efficiently. Additionally, the telegraph allowed workers to bring in the most qualified personnel to take on new and challenging tasks without delay. As a result, the telegraph was an essential tool for the staffing industry, and its impact was significant. There have many other innovations in communciation tech that have affected staffing as well. You can see a detailed timeline here.

Staffing Innovation with Akken Cloud

The 1960s – Job boards- Shrinking the distance between qualified candidates and employers.

The introduction of job boards revolutionized the staffing industry, opening up the talent pool and laying the groundwork for up-and-coming internet-based technology. It has made finding a job easier and more efficient for employers and employees, allowing them to find suitable candidates quickly and easily. By providing instant access to job postings, job seekers can easily review and apply for job opportunities that match their qualifications and preferences. Employers now have more options to choose from when recruiting, largely because they were able to show job openings outside their previous spheres of influence. All in all, the introduction of job boards has made the staffing industry much more accessible and efficient, allowing companies to access the best talent out there.

Staffing Innovations with Akken Cloud - Job Boards

The 2000s – Online job postings/Social media become widespread, and video resumes are introduced, allowing potential candidates to showcase their abilities in a more creative and captivating manner.

The internet revolution has had immense implications for the staffing industry. With the advent of online job postings and social media, it has become significantly easier for recruiters to locate and hire the most qualified candidates for positions regardless of geographic location. Job seekers of all levels can now browse hundreds, if not thousands, of postings in a matter of moments and have their resumes viewed and evaluated in a fraction of the time. Additionally, hiring managers can review all applicants at once and then reach out to those they deem the best fit once the online application process is complete. By making the job search process easier and more efficient, the staffing industry has forever been marked by online job postings and social media presence.

Staffing Innovation - Social Media posting

2020 – Mobile recruitment, virtual hiring events, and AI-driven recruitment tools have become commonplace, helping to make recruitment faster, easier, and more efficient.

Since the dawn of the digital age, recruitment and staffing have evolved significantly. With the introduction of mobile recruitment, virtual hiring events, and AI technology, the history of staffing using technology has been transformed. Mobile recruitment apps have allowed employers and job seekers to connect in real-time, while virtual hiring events and career fairs have enabled recruiters to connect with a wider and more diverse pool of talent. On the other hand, AI-based hiring platforms have helped organizations streamline their recruitment process, enabling recruiters to quickly identify and assess top talent without relying solely on resumes. In short, the introduction of these technologies has made staffing and recruitment faster, more efficient, and more accessible than ever before.

Technology within the staffing industry is forever married to societal changes in innovation.  As new technology emerges, employees/managers and organizations will continue to utilize them for increased productivity and better recruitment. Whatever the next technological innovations are in our future, we can be sure that practical applications used for them within hiring/recruiting and staffing are sure to be close behind.

Staffing Innovation with Akken Cloud - Mobile Staffing

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