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Integrated Web-Based Staffing Software

It is no foreign notion to those in the fields of staffing and recruiting that finding the perfect match is both a science and an art. This being said, if humanity knows anything about science and art, it’s that they’re constantly evolving and adapting to remain innovative. Staffing and recruiting agencies are making the transition to integrated web-based software for a multitude of reasons, and amongst them is their facilitation of optimal matchmaking.

From Fragments to Full Picture

Staffing software that offers integration gives firms a unique upper hand in matching job seekers withDepositphotos_5953562_s potential employers. The ability to see candidates’ skills, credentials, and experience laid out in the same place offers a clear advantage over comparing information from multiple programs and varying sources of documentation. This gives applicants the best chance at being “sold” and gives employers the greatest opportunity to hire individuals most suited for specific positions. Moreover, social media integration highlights job seekers’ interests, passions, and aptitudes, thus opening doors to unexpected connections. This supplemental insight into the personalities of candidates also helps to guarantee suitable matches for specific work environments.

Time is On Your Side

Implementing all-in-one recruiting software guarantees that information never needs entering more than once into more than one program. Resume parsing and advanced searching allow recruiters to obtain the information they need without delay to accelerate the hiring process. This way, time can be used more efficiently and more hires can be recruited on a daily (weekly, monthly, yearly) basis. Bonus: staffing software that is web-based requires no downloads or installations, saving firms additional time and money. Updates are seamless and require no system downtime.

Increased Opportunityimages

Cloud-based staffing software affords recruiters the luxury of data accessibility outside of the workplace at any time. Successful and dedicated recruiting necessitates around-the-clock access to data in order to attend to emerging opportunities as they present themselves. Having information readily available gives recruiters the ability to respond to clients and prospects straightaway from nearly any location or device. This results in fewer missed opportunities to employ quality hires.

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