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LinkedIn as a Recruiting Platform

This is a guest post by Mike O’Neil. Mike is the mastermind behind Integrated Alliances U, an e-learning LinkedIn Sales Training Program. Mike O’Neil is The LinkedIn Rockstar™, Forbes Top 25 International Social Media Power Influencer and internationally acclaimed LinkedIn authority.

How Sales Reps Can Use LinkedIn
Learn some simple ways that Sales Reps (for any business, including staffing and recruiting) can use LinkedIn to sell more. This lesson comes from the “Plan It Track” in the Integrated Alliances U LinkedIn Sales Training Program that contains 40 such video lessons.

Integrated Alliances

Sales reps are the propelling force behind the revenue machine in any business. In this lesson, you will learn a bit more about just how important that is, and how to use it to your advantage:

  • Quota: Made more efficiently, in less time, with less hassle.
  • Superior business intelligence
  • Increased Internal resources within your existing organization

The ability to dramatically increase the intelligence surrounding your sales skills is what LinkedIn is able to super charge for you. Transferring this skill set to the entire sales team not only increases revenues, but streamlines the efficiency and reduces cost simultaneously.

LinkedIn is a recruiting platform, right? YES IT IS!

LinkedIn is a platform for recruiting customers, partners, employees and more. The tools are much the same; the people we seek are as well.

Why is LinkedIn so rich for Sales Reps? Blame the economy for one. Those that you seek to reach are scared for their jobs. They are crafting their profiles nicely and building their networks JUST IN CASE.

That makes them visible to Sales Reps and puts them more in the mood to be engaged. Their next job might be one that someone like you helps them get.

So, LinkedIn can help Sales Reps in these ways:

► Find New Business Partners. Individuals that work for firms with products and services that go well with yours. If we sell hardware, that might be software companies, hosting companies, web developers, telecom carriers and the like. Get it?

► Prospect for Customers. Your profile, network, searching and LinkedIn communication skills let you find and engage customers by Name, Company, Industry or Location.

► Attract Inbound Business. Your LinkedIn presence establishes you as a Respected Authority. Others seek you out for WHAT you say or know and WHO you know, making it easier to get into new accounts and leading to higher margins.

► Find New Team Members. Your presence and activity will introduce you to others that might make good members of YOUR team.

What about you? How are YOU using LinkedIn?

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