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AkkenCloud’s New Paperless OnBoarding Features: AOB and EOB


AkkenCloud’s NEW paperless onboarding features:

We are excited to announce two powerful new paperless onboarding add-ons to use in conjunction with our Inbound Talent Marketing feature! Our paperless Applicant OnBoarding and Employee OnBoarding options, in conjunction with our Inbound Talent Marketing feature, saves you time, trees, and can be used on any browser/device.

Paperless onboarding gives AkkenCloud users the ability to automate and capture important documents electronically throughout the entire hiring process. Whether you need to capture specific forms in order to qualify candidates for employment, or if you just need to capture more sensitive HR documents after you place candidates on jobs, the AkkenCloud Applicant OnBoarding (AOB) and Employee OnBoarding (EOB) packages are built to suit your specific needs.

Here are some details:

AOB assists with the applicant process, allowing you to capture info ahead of time and eliminate the need for the applicant to fill out paperwork in person. You’ll no longer have to deal with filing cabinets filled with paperwork!

EOB is used to capture personal, sensitive HR data for your employees who have been put on placements within AkkenCloud. Forms like W-4, I-9 and direct deposit can easily and securely be captured, while still remaining paperless.


Check out our video for a more detailed overview of these new add-ons:


If you are interested in adding these features to be used in conjunction with our Inbound Talent Marketing, email Amy at

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