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New Technologies Changing the Hiring Process: Gamification

Can new technologies make business processes, such as hiring, fun?

The idea of gamifying business processes (adding game elements to an already existing process) is still in its infancy, but new ideas in this area are emerging quickly, and the potential for improving these processes is still very large. Gamification is very much based on the proliferation of internet applications, which makes aggregating information, and people much easier.


Gamification is making its way into the staffing world, and the tools that are becoming available are designed at making it easier to find, and select the right job applicants. These new tools are designed for both job applicants, and recruiters alike. One of these tools, Smarterer, is an excellent example of how game elements can be used to create online tests that both challenge, and stimulate job applicants during the interview process.


Tests are likely a part of nearly every staffing companies recruiting process, but with the proliferation of digital and technical skills required to perform many jobs, finding relevant tests can be difficult. Companies such as Smarterer are creating simple, and fun tests to measure the skill levels of candidates. With thousands of tests available on their site, Smarterer allows job applicants to prove on their own the skills that they are capable of. Recruiters are also able to use relevant tests from the site to give to job candidates.

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Smarterer is one of many new companies looking to “gamify” the hiring process


Need someone with a proficiency in Photoshop? What about Word? … Dance Music? With nearly a thousand tests available Smarterer can provide simple tests to gauge knowledgeability on a wide range of business applications (and some not-so-business oriented applications). These test are quick, fun, and reliable. Best of all the service is free, meaning that recruiters can put Smarterer through the ringer without having to make a commitment to it.


Gamification means taking existing tasks and making them feel more like a game. In the recruiting process it can be used to increase engagement in job applicants, encourage a competitive attitude between applicants, and can make the task of applying for a job less stressful. Games are excellent for fostering creativity, and can help to bring out desirable characteristics in people that may not normally be easy to find.


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