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2015 Recruiting Trends to Watch: Social Recruiting, Talent Nurturing and More

Recruiting Trends to Watch Social Recruiting Talent Nurturing and MoreWith more ways to reach out to potential new hires than ever, many business are taking new approaches to hiring to find the ideal job candidates to suit their needs.

Professional Social Network Hiring On the Rise
Social recruiting trends have quickly become one of the most prevalent in hiring trends. In fact the rate of hire from professional social networks has increased 57% over the last 4 years. On a global scale, professional social network hires and hires through career staffing agencies are about equal. The United States has more hires through career staffing agencies than professional social networks but that is changing rapidly. More and more new hires are reporting that they browse career staffing centers on their mobile phones. This has been a boon when recruiting busy new talent to the best companies.

Talent Nurturing
To get and keep the best employees, more businesses are focusing on talent nurturing. This means that they help young talent gain more skills and experience, and go the extra mile to make sure that young talent is well trained. Being more of a mentor than a boss during the initial stage of employment will help the employee become more comfortable working at your company, meaning they’re more likely to stay and add value later on. Those in the beginning stages of their career will always appreciate the help you gave them when they were starting out. This can make all your employees better team players, and ambassadors for your business.

Better Employee Retention Rates Through Talent Nurturing
If young, talented employees are treated well and given the support they need, they are far more likely to choose to stay employed by your firm in the long term. Having experienced employees at your company can help it perform better in many areas. The average employee only stays with a company for four years before moving on. The more often you have to hire and train a new employee, the higher your recruiting costs over the years, in terms of both money and time.

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