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How To Retain Top Talent in Uncertain Times

Retain Top TalentBefore the global pandemic, employee retention was a rising concern, and a survey of CEOs from January found that their greatest internal worry was attracting and retaining the best talent. Unfortunately, this issue was overshadowed as businesses had to switch to survival mode, furloughing workers, and freezing hiring. Now that things are easing a little and the world is adapting to a new normal, retaining talent is on people’s minds yet again.

Companies will benefit in the long-run by retaining their workers during this uncertain time. It is the companies that consistently prioritized and retained their workers that people will remember. Retention also reduces recruitment costs and improves workforce agility. So, how do you retain your talent during these uncertain times?

Be Flexible

Today’s workers want flexibility, and many organizations meet that need by offering remote work options. Now that remote work has been forced upon us as new normal, flexible options are still important during this time and will need to remain after business as usual resumes. Currently, offering employees a little more freedom with their time, such as choosing their hours.

At this time, people may need business hours to look after their kids or take older relatives to appointments, and giving them the freedom to do their work out of hours and be flexible with their time is important. 


Communication is key right now, and if you’re finding that your employees aren’t as forthcoming as they would normally be, then it’s up to you to make an effort and keep the communication lines going. When working remotely, staff miss those moments of workplace banter and talk about last night’s TV. People are missing drinks after work and the necessary bonding time.

Make sure that you’re talking to your staff, and they are talking to each other. Encourage social meetings where you can, even if they are online, as this will boost morale and keep your staff happy. 

Be Honest and Transparent

It’s never a good idea to keep employees in the dark; rumors always spread, and this ends up with people getting the wrong information and worrying unnecessarily. If there are potential redundancies or changes to the business, it’s important, to be honest with your employees and keep them in the loop. 

Be Present

Being there for your staff is more important than ever right now. Did you know that despite the stereotype that people work less and are distracted by other things when working from home, productivity actually rises by 16%? It’s also important to be aware that your employees are more likely to work overtime and answer emails or messages outside of office hours while working from home.

This means that employee burnout is something to watch out for. You need to be present to ensure that your employees maintain positive wellbeing. By doing your best to be present despite social distancing, you can help employees work from home comfortably and safely, while feeling as though they are in control. 

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