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Rising Market for Temps and Mobile Developers


Soaring Demand for Mobile Developers
During June, more than 22,000 job ads were placed online for Mobile Developers in the US. Hiring demand for this talent has grown quickly, now up 159% year-over-year from June 2011 and marking a new high in the volume of available job listings. Among the most commonly advertised job titles for mobile developers are Web Developer, Java Developer, .NET Developer, Application Developer, and Android Developer.

Best U.S. and State Metro Markets
The Boston area was the highest scoring metro in terms of sustained employment growth volume, followed by New York, Warren, Cincinnati, and San Francisco. Indiana, Arizona, Washington, and Texas are the best state markets and are the only four states to rank among the top ten on both a volume and percent basis.

Number of temps on the job the highest in 5 years
The government reported on Friday that temporary help services added 14,100 jobs last month. The 10 percent year-over-year growth was the fastest since May 2011. About 2.5 million Americans are counted as temporary or contract labor. The fastest growth in U.S. temporary payrolls in more than a year also lifted the temp penetration rate — the percentage of temps in the workforce — to its highest level in more than five years.

From AkkenCloud:
Last week, we were be included in the latest SIA Industry Insight report (July 30, 2012) by Andrew Karpie. According to the report:

“Staffing Industry Analysts is conducting research to describe the landscape of a range of 3rd party technology solution providers whose offerings are targeted to address the core enterprise “front office” requirements of staffing firms. This brief report is an introduction to this research and the 3rd party providers participating in it.”

The full report is available for SIA members on the SIA Web site or by following this link.

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