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Why Spring Are Promising for Recruiters

Job growth for recruiters in 2014According to The New York Times, economists claim that the job market will take a favorable turn as spring approaches. At the beginning of the month, the number of Americans filing for unemployment benefits fell to the lowest it has been since November. These numbers have been decreasing steadily for a month now, and economists expect the trend to continue well into the spring and summer months.

It seemed that this winter’s unforgiving weather negatively affected sales of all kinds this year, and job growth took a hit—but this won’t be the case as the temperature rises. Companies whose busiest seasons are spring and summer will be adding a substantial number of jobs, while crowds are projected to return to stores and will be more apt to spend money due to agreeable weather. A boost in consumer spending will cause a boost in employment, since employers will require more workers as demand upsurges.

Though the number of jobs created in February came short of expected with a total of 175,000, this number more than doubled the number of jobs added in December. Perhaps more reassuring than the increase in number of jobs is the expected increase in quality of jobs. As unemployment rates saw improvements over the course of 2013, underemployment rates increased, indicating that more Americans gained part-time or low-paying employment. Recent reports show that the job outlook is encouraging with regard to the addition of high-paying and high-quality jobs in 2014 as compared to last year.

Unmistakably, numbers are looking promising across the board for recruiters. Those who have been out of the job market for some length of time (as well as those who are currently employed in part-time positions) are beginning to perceive improved job opportunities. This means that many will be flooding back to the work force in search of quality jobs—and that’s where recruiters come into play. With an influx of jobs, it’s important that staffers and recruiters have a recruitment solution that allows for maximal organization and efficiency.

As the opportunity for hires continues to rise, recruiters will continue to recognize a need for advanced applicant tracking systems and recruitment tools that allow for simple yet systematized social recruiting and HR recruiting. The best recruitment software is guaranteed to help firms to locate not only those who are actively seeking employment, but also those who are overqualified for their current jobs and possess the skills for full-time or higher-paying employment. It’s time to spring into more effective recruiting with the best and most comprehensive job recruiting software that the industry has to offer.

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