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Staffing and Recruiting Trends to Watch

Recruitment trends on the rise in 2014With the arrival of the New Year, we must remember that with every new year comes new trends. And while we’re all fascinated by hearsay that faux leather and red-orange walls are making their way out, we’re more excited about what staffing and recruiting trends are on their way in.

By the looks of Dr. John Sullivan’s recent ERE article in which he predicts 2014 recruiting trends, we have lots to be excited about. Firstly, the recruiting field is drastically changing with ever-expanding technologies to accommodate for the fact that the field is becoming increasingly competitive. Businesses are realizing that novelty often breeds success, so they have begun to seek more innovative types for open positions. This means that staffing and recruiting firms must look for creative strategies to attract the top talent and thus make more quality hires. This is a trend that should come as no surprise; constant improvement comes as second nature to recruiters.

Sullivan mentions that the use of mobile platforms for competitive ascension is a trend that’s here to stay. Mobile capabilities are expanding, particularly with regard to mobile applications that are designed for recruiting. Recruiters can now submit applications and respond to job orders remotely from any location or device that can access the Internet, which accelerates the process and thereby increases the probability of greater numbers of hires. Related to this is the recent tendency of recruiting companies to invest in online knowledge and skill assessment options that drastically cut time and expenses. The use of social media to discover passive candidates continues to grow, which is why recruitment software solutions (such as AkkenCloud) have begun to incorporate social media into their platforms.

Trends for success in 2014

Perhaps the most important trend—the one which Sullivan repeatedly returns to—is the rise of approaches that center on big data. Sullivan leaves no doubt that staffers and recruiters who turn to recruitment software solutions with predictive metrics and analytics are far more likely to succeed. Forecasting helps companies prepare for what lies ahead, while analytics assist in identifying areas of problem or success. Decision-making based on real-time data is a surefire way to stay one step ahead. This ties into the overarching, “ever-trending” trend for recruiters: innovation.

Cheers to a year of continued advancements and to recruiters who are always looking for resourceful ways to make business faster, better, and more efficient. Here’s to you!

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