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Staffing Falls Below Average Tech Spend

Staffing industry technology expensesAccording to the Staffing Industry Analysts, the average dollar amount spent on technology is lower than average across the staffing industry as compared to other industries. This is true not only in terms of percentage points, but also when considering the amount expended per full-time employee. In fact, talent acquisition solutions generally consume less than 20% of the typical staffing agency’s IT budget.

This statistic may prove troubling for recruiters, primarily because technology is the driving force of advanced staffing and recruiting. With the right recruiting tools in place, staffing firms can become more thoroughly efficient and increase recruits, all the while cutting unnecessary costs. All-encompassing recruitment software can streamline all aspects of the hiring process and put firms in an advantageous place over competition. Discovering qualified talent for optimal positions with human resources software has never been so easily accomplished, nor so quickly done.

When we think about the benefits that technology can provide, we have to consider its entire range of capabilities. From progressive analytics and big data to mobile and cloud solutions, technology is the recruiter’s not-so-secretly kept secret to success. For this reason—and so many more—it comes as an enormous surprise that staffing firms aren’t taking full advantage of the cost-effective solutions that can provide their business with a world of opportunities. With the current shift toward social recruiting and the rapid pace of the staffing industry, HR recruiting software and applicant tracking systems can take business to a whole new level.

CIOs of staffing and recruiting agencies who implement better and more capable recruiting software solutions are certain to see immediate improvements, both in the quality of their business and in the quantity of hires. Wise investments in technology help staffing and recruiting firms become more innovative and more flexible—quite an incredible bargain, if you ask us.

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