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Use These Creative Ways to Improve Your Candidate Sourcing

candidate sourcing

In an ideal world, job candidates would be lining up outside your door, providing you with concise resumes, and waiting patiently for you to match them with the perfect role. 

That’s not, however, how it works in practice. Often you have to spend hours trawling through applications and CVs, looking for potential matches. It’s a massively time-consuming process, and it takes up the vast majority of your day – not what you want. 

There are, however, ways that recruiters can streamline the process considerably. Check out these tips. 

Use a Mobile App

As the world becomes more digital, more job seekers are getting used to the idea of applying for jobs via apps. In fact, it is a selling point of many of the major platforms out there. Recruitment site Indeed, for instance, has an app that allows users to fire off your CV automatically and provides them with notifications if a suitable job comes up.

Our customers tell us that they are getting around 10 percent of their candidates through our mobile app. It’s good news for recruiters because it means that they can now automate many of the tasks they would have once done by hand. 

Finding job matches using smart algorithms, for instance, is relatively straightforward these days. And providing users with notifications is also now an automated task requiring very little input from your end, slashing account manager and recruiter workloads. 

One member is currently partnering with Work4Labs to create algorithms that help job seekers find suitable roles in the Facebook Marketplace. The idea is to lift employer information and feed it to potential jobseekers, gaining their interest. 

Utilize An Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

You can think of an applicant tracking system as being a little bit like a CRM. The software creates individual accounts for all your candidates and then allows you to keep tabs on them through time. 

ATS systems are great for efficiency for a couple of reasons: 

  1. First, they take away the need to track each person’s progress through the job market by hand. 
  2. Second, they let you see where your applicants are coming from, for instance, your app, career pages, or job boards. 

If you’re not using an ATS, you’re missing out. These tools take out of a lot of work, allowing you to spend more time with clients. 

Create Referral Programs

As a recruiter, you’re continually on the look-out for fresh talent. But it can often feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. 

When you create a referral program, though, you remove a lot of the leg work. Instead of finding out who is a good candidate yourself, you incentivize workers to recommend colleagues they know and trust already. 

Streamline Your Interview Process

Lastly, try streamlining your interview process. Make it less about getting to know candidates as individuals and instead about creating a standard evaluation template. You can then use this to quickly match prospects to jobs instead of making detailed, case-by-case decisions. 

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