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What is Front Office in Staffing & Recruiting?

Front office in staffing and recruiting everyday duties are to hire qualified candidates. The specific tasks vary from office to office. However, for the most part, similar functions are necessary to evaluate these candidates.

In order to understand the staffing and recruit the front office, it is important to discuss some basic concepts. Therefore it is essential to discuss the responsibilities and functions in the front office. 

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What is the Front Office?

The front office directs recruiters who function with clients and directly yield revenue for a business. Recruiting is primarily a front-office assignment because you operate now with your customers through the entire recruiting process cycle. Your efforts now guide your ability to generate revenue for yourself or your recruiting outfit.

The function of the Front Office

The front-office assignments are the items you do every day for recruiting. Here is a brief list of some front-office recruiting responsibilities:

  • Meet Candidates
  • Interview Prospects
  • Market your Services
  • Develop Relationships with Clients
  • Source, Screen, and Place Candidates

Because recruiting is a front-office position where you deal directly with clients, most recruiters maintain diverse talents, including communication, sales, and people skills. 

What is Front Office in Recruitment?

The front office in recruitment has many responsibilities. Recruiters working in this part of the industry are responsible for the cultivation and organization of candidates’ data.

Recruiters are also responsible for developing leads to fill available job vacancies. 

Front Office Staffing

In the business world, the phrase “front office staff” generally refers to a corporation’s sales and marketing teams. These experts are the individuals who have the most communication with clients. The front office staffing is also involved with the departments that generate most of the company’s revenue.

Front Office Staffing Software

Front office software is a critical part of daily operations in most businesses. There are many kinds of front office software, though not all offices will share the exact software needs. 

Frequently used software programs in a front office may include inbound talent marketing, applicant tracking system, applicant onboarding, credential management, inbound referral management, customer relationship management, shift scheduling, and sales force automation.

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Other meaningful features in front office software are machine-related programs, cash registry programs, and reservation software.

Why Choose AkkenCloud for your Front Office Software? 

AkkenCloud is the most comprehensive, enterprise, cloud-based platform available for staffing and recruiting agencies. We built our software to streamline front office workflows. Therefore, using the AkkenCloud platform, customers have observed an increase in efficiency, placements, and profitability. 

We are managing over 14.8 million candidates and 33,000 users within one forum. Therefore the size and success of AkkenCloud have provided our customers with daily growth.

Inbound Talent Marketing

AkkenCloud’s Inbound Talent Marketing permits users and agencies to enhance brand awareness, influence social media to acquire their targeted audience, and convert site visitors into consumers. This visibility will conduct increase discoverability by potential candidates via search engines. Utilize your website, job posts, and content to shift visitors into leads and develop more income.

Applicant Tracking System

applicant tracking systems

An applicant tracking system ATS assists recruiters, staffing agencies, and human resources HR departments address their hiring measures and staying competitive in today’s talent demand. These procedures are critically essential for companies recruiting top talent. However, an ATS is equally vital for staffing and recruiting companies seeking to supply job openings with the highest qualified candidates possible.

ATS is a practical database of potential hires for current and prospective spaces. It saves time by effortlessly managing, organizing, and searching through documents, such as resumes and cover letters. Many strategies also have a feature that authorizes job seekers to apply straight through the ATS through the web or mobile. Therefore, this minimizes job seekers’ and recruiters’ manual entry requirements.

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Most ATS systems include the same fundamental features, but how these elements work will deviate depending on the system’s architecture and the provider’s demands. An HR-specific applicant tracking system makes tracking regulatory compliance easy, and human resources professionals discover OFCCP and EEOC tracking features especially valuable.

An applicant tracking system for staffing agencies indicates to recruiters where candidates come from: referrals from previous candidates, specific job boards, or job listings, for example. Therefore, this enables recruiters to fine-tune their strategies for finding the right person by learning where they can find more or better candidates.

Applicant Onboarding

Applicant Onboarding (AOB) allows you to have customs forms and job applications completed by applicants. The AOB functionality presents a sequence of documents that candidates must fill out for employment consideration.

Credential Management

AkkenCloud’s credential management system will help you capture, track, and maintain valid certifications and licenses. These certifications and licenses could be specific for the healthcare, light industrial, and manufacturing and distribution industries. Setting up notifications for your users when credential expiration dates are approaching has never been easier. Be proactive so your candidates can hit the ground running.

Inbound Referral Management

 Are you curious about lowering your sourcing expenses by 75%? Inbound referral management could help you significantly decrease your recruitment expenses.

Employee referrals are the top source of good quality hires. However, sales team partners only request referrals 10% of the time, resulting in organizations depending on traditional recruiting strategies to find, hire, and retain talent. 

At a time when sweetening profitability is a principal priority for staffing agencies, the estimation is traditional hiring and sourcing expenses range from $4,285 to $18,000 per new hire. Imagine how profitable your business could be by reducing those expenses to under $1,000. 

Customer Relationship Management 

AkkenCloud’s Customer Relationship Management will be your recruiting and sales heart. Our (CRM) provides a complete suite of marketing, sales, and support capabilities and the ability to monitor all activities from one central location.

Shift Scheduling

Industries such as healthcare operate around the clock and require multiple shifts to ensure complete coverage. The shift scheduling feature uses a color code grid to determine which changes need coverage quickly. An additional perk highlights how many positions are open per shift.

Sales Force Automation

Our sales force automation solutions will streamline your entire sales process and automate the business tasks of sales, such as order processing, contact management, and information sharing. Therefore, this will allow you to better manage your customers and sales pipeline.


Our custom-built software was designed specifically for the staffing and recruiting industry. AkkuSearch is the industry’s first intuitive search functionality that allows you to leverage your database to discover eligible candidates and supply job orders quicker than ever. 

Rummaging for prospects within your ATS is the most prosperous source for locating qualified candidates. With AkkuSearch, it is now painless to build precise searches within your database without training or strict certification classes. Simply click the nominee’s data in front of you instead of scouring for it.

The Bottom Line

The front office responsibilities are time-exhausting endeavors. AkkenCloud’s Front Office software helps save you time. Decreasing the time to complete the hiring process will also help increase your earnings. 

Whether you require ATS, email finders, scheduling, video teleconferencing, or data scraper software, AkkenCloud is here to help you. If you are having trouble finding the specific software of your dreams, don’t hesitate to contact us.

About AkkenCloud

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