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4 Power Tips for Recruiters to Increase Their Productivity

As recruiters, you are under certain pressures to try and source the very best candidates for every single role while also trying to fill as many positions as possible. However, putting these pressures on yourself can actually hinder your productivity and lead to fewer results. Boosting your productivity is easier than you think, though. It’s just a case of knowing how. 

Here are four tips for you to use to increase your productivity significantly.

Look at your existing contacts

When looking for candidates to fill new roles, you do not always need to look for new talent. Instead, look at the people you have had applied on previous occasions and see if they fit the role, and if they are a good fit, get in touch with them. Sometimes requirements change between employers, and although they may not have been a fit previously, that does not mean they are not now. The chances are that you already have plenty of candidates on your databases who are suitable for the roles you’re recruiting for. Contacting old applicants will not only help you fill roles more quickly but will also help to free up more of your time. 

Use the technology available to you

In the digital world we now live in; there are so many options for recruiters on how they get and filter their information. There is now an abundance of apps available that can filter candidates that apply. By using specialist software to filter candidates, you can save you lots of time finding the right fit for the role you’re recruiting for. Using a filtering system will allow you to be more productive with your time as you do not have to trawl through as many applications manually. 

Daily to-do list and set goals

A straightforward but efficient way to track your day and stay on track with productivity is by creating a to-do list for what you want to do and achieve by the end of the day. This will allow you to tick off tasks that have been completed and stay on course for the day, allowing you to keep on track of what needs to be completed and when. For list writing, you can either use a list writing app or invest in a paper planner to keep track. 

Stop multitasking

Multitasking is something that many people in businesses will see as a way to increase productivity, and to an extent, it can do. However, in some instances, it can also be seen to hinder it. When things get busy and try to multitask, it can lead to little mistakes. While some mistakes can be quickly and easily fixed, others are harder to deal with and take more time. As a result, therefore leading to a reduction in productivity.

The advice above should help recruiters give your productivity levels a boost and, as a result, achieve more of your goals. 

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