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5 Tips For Recruiters to Get More Engagement on Their Social Media Posts

Social media is not just something you use as an afterthought for your recruitment strategy anymore. It should be one of your key channels for finding and hiring the best talent out there for your business. A survey carried out in 2018 by LinkedIn listed social media as the third most utilized recruitment method. More than 40 percent of recruiters said they would use professional social media for advertising to and find candidates.

But with everyone using social media nowadays, how can you make YOUR social media posts stand out? After all, you want to hire the very best, and the best way to do that is to get your posts seen – ask anyone on your social media management team about how the algorithms love engagement. Here, we will look at some of how, as a recruiter, you can get more engagement on your social media posts.

Build your brand 

Company culture is a big deal, and people are quite rightly concerned more concerned than ever with their mental well-being and how well a company will look after them. It would be best if you made sure that 1) your organization is a great place to work and 2) that is shown in your social media posts. Behind the scenes posts showing happy and motivated employees or even social media takeovers by trusted staff members showing their day is a great way to make people want to come and work for you.

Control the hashtags

Hashtags are not just something that millennials love to use to show off their coffee. They are a key way of attracting a wider audience and connecting with people with shared interests and needs. Any social media manager worth their salt can give you advice on this, but if you are doing it alone, think about what people would search for to find jobs with you – similar to keywords. Avoid generic ones as far as possible and stick to industry-specific ones, and don’t overuse – stick to fewer than 30.

Look at your LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the place to go for recruitment. It is pretty much expected that a professional brand will have a pup to date, optimized profile on LinkedIn now. Ensure that your recruitment requests sit as close to the top of your profile as possible, so would-be candidates don’t have to scroll through pages of dull information to find out if you need anyone and what the requirements are.

Engage your employees

Your existing employees are one of your most valuable assets. While you can’t make it mandatory, you can obviously encourage or incentivize your staff to share any social media posts for recruitment on their own social media profiles. The chances are that they have friends or ex-colleagues in the same field who may be looking for work.

Ask with ads

No matter how strong your social media strategy is, algorithms are stronger and will only ever show your posts to a limited number of people, especially when they are free. While you might be using social media to keep your recruitment costs down, you may need to bite the bullet and boost an ad or two to get them seen. It is cheaper than many other forms of traditional recruitment but can be highly targeted, often making it great value for money.

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