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3 Reasons Why Your Staffing Agency Needs a Content Strategy

Anywhere you look in the Western world right now – and beyond it, in most cases – there is an unmistakable churn taking place in the jobs market. We have seen businesses go under during the pandemic, leaving people without a job. We have seen employees considering their options, inspired to try something else by the changes that have taken place, and some choosing to leave their posts when their employer refused to offer continued remote working opportunities. This has meant that numerous employers are looking to fill job posts, and equally large numbers of potential employees are looking for new jobs. 

Content Strategy

An agency can make a huge difference for both of these cohorts. Your staffing agency must be in the mix when employers are looking to advertise vacancies and when potential employees are looking for their next job. It is vital, too, for a staffing agency to be aware of its competition and to put into practice the best possible content strategy.

For reasons we will set out below, your content strategy will make a huge difference in getting both employers and employees on your books.

To differentiate your agency

What can your staffing agency offer that others cannot? It’s not uncommon to find different agencies placing employees in various industries with the most success. This can happen when a specific agency specializes in a particular industry – like putting people for construction jobs – and another specializes in something different.

If you have powerful connections with a specific industry, making a note of it in your marketing content is worthwhile. You can also underline anything else that makes you unique and which candidates are likely to be searching for.

To build SEO

The more high-quality content there is on your site, and the fresher the feel is, the better it is for SEO purposes, which means that you will have a better chance of consistently ranking on the first page of search engines for the search terms you’re targeting.

An effective content strategy also drives engagement, meaning that you’ll get more backlinks to your site and build an increasingly solid base of support. When customers are looking for an agency to apply to or advertise with, they’re rarely going to look far beyond page one, so building SEO is a no-brainer.

To retain and convert customers

With quality content on your site, you’ll stand a better chance of getting customers to your site and keeping them there. In addition, you can use a blog on your site to answer questions people have asked you recently, which positions you as an authority on issues that might be very timely.

A good blog post on a topical issue has the chance to go viral, which will bring all the more potential employees and employers to your door. It’s more than worth the effort to get engagement flowing to your site, but this does require you to have a coherent content strategy. For every new piece of content you add, ask yourself, “How will this help us get and keep customers?”

Let that be your guiding principle toward developing your agency’s unique content strategy.

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