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LinkedIn Just Released Its Workforce Report. Here’s What It Means For Job Seekers

If you are currently in the marketplace looking for a new job, it is going to be really beneficial to make sure you are staying aware of what is going on in that marketplace. As with many other areas in life, the better a view you have of the overall picture of what is going on, the more likely it is that you can make the right decisions regarding getting yourself a new job. With that in mind, let’s take a look at 2022’s LinkedIn workforce report.

Delving deep into the following could help you to understand better what you need to bear in mind as a job seeker.

Hiring Is Up Across The Board

One piece of very good news from the report is that hiring is up across the board – across the vast majority of industries in the US, that is to say, by over 8%. If you are wondering about whether it’s currently a good time to be trying to get hired, therefore, the answer is a resounding yes – at the very least, you can be sure that you are in a pretty good place to try and be hired. That is clearly very good news indeed, so it’s something to bear in mind as you try to get work right now.

LinkedIn Workforce Report

It’s A Good Time To Be In Healthcare

One of the results of the pandemic is that the world of healthcare is desperately in need of some vacancies to be filled. If you are keen to work in healthcare, therefore, right now is a pretty good time to be thinking about doing so. In fact, healthcare is one of the top three industries across the US that had the biggest monthly gains, with a 12.8% rise, meaning that there are a huge number of hires taking place in that industry. That is absolutely something to celebrate if you are trying to get into this industry.

Transport & Logistics Sees Improvements Too

Another industry that is good to be a part of right now is the transport and logistics industry. In fact, the hiring here has risen by 13.6%, which is the largest of any of the identified industries in this report. So if you are considering a job in that kind of area, it looks as though it is a healthy industry right now, and probably quite a good time to try and land such a job, therefore. That is something to think about if you are trying to switch jobs or you think you would like to follow the money in particular.

As you can see, the picture for February 2022 is looking quite good overall. If you are a job seeker, there should be plenty in this report to give you hope that you might well be able to land a job fairly soon – not just in the industries mentioned above, but in many other areas as well. It certainly doesn’t look as bad as was feared before the Omicron virus wave.

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