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3 Things You Should Expect from the Best Recruiting Software

Finding talented people to work for your organization can be a challenge. Not only is it difficult to identify talent ahead of time, but organizing a recruitment drive can be a nightmare. There’s just so much paperwork.

Fortunately, recruiting software can help. Recruiting software combines a range of helpful tools, usually for HR departments, to manage applications, arrange interviews, conduct background checks on candidates, and so on. The basic idea is to centralize the entire effort, cut costs, and generally make your life easier.

It’s all too easy, however, to fall into the trap of taking a piecemeal approach to recruitment software. Some companies will stumble across a service which looks cheap and effective and begin implementing it in their organization immediately. Before long, however, they discover that it doesn’t offer all of the functionality that they need so they start looking to add programs that do. Eventually, they have half a dozen different systems on the go, none of which talk to each other. It becomes an administrative nightmare.

The solution is to use a single piece of recruiting software which offers firms all of the functionality that they need. Going down the piecemeal route will only lead to confusion, higher recruiting costs, and more headaches for your human resources team.

So what should you expect from the best (or top-level) recruiting solutions?

Recruitment softwarePre-Screening

Your time is limited. You only have a finite number of people able to conduct interviews and discover who should work for your organization, and who shouldn’t. While you could take a brute force approach and interview all promising candidates, why bother when there are cost-efficient solutions that save you time and money?

Quality recruiter software includes “pre-screening.” The idea is to provide companies with a set of automatic tools to filter out candidates who don’t meet the criteria for the role before they get to interview. Pre-screening saves you both times and money.

Work-Flow Management

Keeping tabs on where each candidate is in the recruitment process can be a challenge. Often there are many rounds of interviews, aptitude tests, and so on. When things get complicated, Excel spreadsheets just won’t do.

Quality recruiter software uses work-flow automation, interview management, and tools that allow you to communicate with candidates about next steps. They condense all these tools into a single dashboard, making it easy for your colleagues to communicate with candidates and reduce the time that they spend going back and forth. Because the software is in the cloud, it’s easier for all members of your team to access candidate information, make decisions, attach documents, or review applications.

Advanced Job Posting Tools

Manually uploading job descriptions to job sites is a hassle. It’s something that your team would prefer to avoid.

The great thing about recruiting software is that it allows you to post jobs with less work. You can integrate the best software with your internal job boards and automatically upload to external sites. This feature cuts the time that your people spend fiddling about with job portals and can help you cast your net wider.

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