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How Career Driven Dads Can Spend More Quality Time With Their Kids

Parenting has changed, dads now spend three times as much time with them as in previous generations. As fathers, we’re now more hands-on and want to be as involved as possible with our little ones. However, life is a tricky balancing act at times and just because you want to spend more time with your kids doesn’t always mean that you can. Here are a few ways to get around this problem without feeling like you are sacrificing your career opportunities.

Career Dads

Choose a career that offers flexible work hours

One of the reasons that fathers tend to spend less time with their children than they might want is due to work commitments. Whether you’re the sole breadwinner or have two incomes coming into the home, many dads work full-time hours for employers who aren’t particularly flexible when it comes to their hours. Maybe you want to be around more for your children or perhaps you and your partner want to create a balancing act when it comes to both of your work.

Maybe you just want the freedom to be able to attend kids sports days, plays or take them to appointments when they’re unwell without worrying about asking your employer for the time off. You can achieve this by working a more flexible job. This could be negotiating some days where you work from home, this is useful as you save time on commuting and also have more control over your workflow.

People working from home can generally organize their own day, as long as the tasks get completed they can choose the hours that they do. So if you need to pop out or do something with your children for a few hours during the day you can, and simply make up the time later on. Alternatively, you could look into setting up your own business. As the boss, you can be as flexible as you want. Once you’ve come up with your business idea, run some market research and then work with a web design agency to set up your site. A marketing company can then promote for you and ensure it reaches the right customers- it can take a little while but go about things the right way and you can turn a decent profit, even working from home.

Find an activity you can enjoy together

One of the best things about having a child it introducing them to all of the things that you love. Maybe you have a sport that you love playing or a team you’re passionate about, perhaps it’s a type of music or some other activity? Get them on board with you, enjoy your passions together. It gives you things you can do together, great for creating bonds with you and your child. If it’s a hobby that you’ll be doing anyway, having your little best friend to enjoy it with you means you get the benefit of spending time with them too.

Spending quality time doing something you both love is what makes memories.

Create habits and routines 

Finally, parenting isn’t all just about the fun stuff- it’s being consistent and letting your child know that you’re there for them. Whether you live with your child or just have set days where you see them, create habits and routines and be sure to stick to them which creates a sense of security for them. It could be putting them to bed each evening and reading a story, taking them to the park after school during the week or spending time doing homework with them.

These habits and routines are good for both them and you.

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