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3 Ways To Ensure Your Job Post Gets Seen By Top Candidates

Even with the most compelling job post, there’s no guarantee that you’re going to get the best recruits and the top talent in the industry. However, there are a couple of simple tricks that’ll help your post get seen and connect you to the right candidates.

1. Keep your job post simple

A long job post isn’t going to do much good. In fact, having a long job title or including lots of “big” words might seem professional, but in reality, it’s just putting off potential candidates because you’re going to sound pretentious.

Instead, what you should really focus on is making your job post searchable. If you have an idea about search engine optimization then you’ll know where this is going.

Put yourself in the shoes of your ideal candidate. Imagine they’re searching for a job and typing into Google to search. What would they write? What are the terms they’d enter?

It’s a good idea to design your job post around being searchable and easy to find. Use very common industry keywords, try not to add any pointless extra words for fluff, and keep things simple. In the post, it’s perfectly fine to use different variations of keywords to make your job post easier to find. Keep it as general as possible and don’t use very specific words or positions in your company.

2. Put your job post in the right places

Between job boards, social media and your company’s website, there are plenty of locations to put your job post, You need to ensure that you pick the right places to ensure maximum visibility. This is a case of putting your job post in locations that attract the ideal candidate. This will ensure that you have less filtering to do and have a higher chance of attracting top talent.

This is going to depend greatly on the job position that you’re recruiting for. A popular job board will be the first go-to choice, but if you’re hiring for something specific then it’s worth looking around for a niché job board or recruitment website that your ideal candidate might frequent. If you’d like a good indication of where the best boards are, consider looking for job postings from your competitors.


3. Don’t neglect social media

We briefly mentioned social media in point 2 but it’s worth explaining it in more detail. Job boards, CV databases and company career pages are great for attracting professionals, but sometimes, your next rockstar recruit might not be considered a professional just yet.

Social media allows you to scout and attract talent from all corners of the earth. LinkedIn is an obvious example of social media to use for recruitment, but it’s still considered fairly professional compared to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. If you want to broaden your horizons and look for passive candidates that have yet to realize their talents, it’s worth scouting for top candidates on social media websites.

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