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3 Ways to Improve Healthcare Talent Acquisition in 2020

Healthcare talent acquisition

Healthcare is an industry where talent makes all the difference. When ensuring that patient’s needs are met, it’s vital that healthcare team members have the requisite skills and experience as well as the right disposition to deal with the realities of healthcare in the 21st century. Plainly speaking, they need to bring the element of “care” alongside their skills and knowledge or you cannot hope to bring value to the patient experience. 

However, ensuring that staffing levels are fit to cope with patient demand is a challenge faced by many healthcare providers. It’s not only essential to get easy access to the right healthcare talent, it’s just as imperative to get them ready to start as soon as possible- streamlining the recruitment and onboarding processes as soon as possible so they’re fit for purpose quickly without ever feeling like they’ve been thrown in at the deep end.  

In an era where competition for quality is fiercer than ever yet talent seems harder and harder to come by here are 3 surefire ways to improve your healthcare talent acquisition in 2020…

Make job applications easier

People in the healthcare talent pool face a lot of demands on their time and energy in their working days and thus have little to spare outside of work. As such, the idea of lengthy and tedious applications can potentially drive top tier talent away. A nice succinct application process can not only help you to access a broader pool of talented applicants, it can also help you to process applications quicker for a faster turnaround throughout the recruitment process. 

Check through your standard application form and take a moment to consider what you really need to know to determine whether or not an applicant needs to go through to the interview stage. See if there are any repetitive questions or any fat which can be trimmed off. An easy application process can make all the difference, especially in the healthcare industry.

Know the importance of Search Engine Optimization

When talented people in the healthcare industry are looking for a job, the chances are they’ll be using search engines. Whether they employ search engines like Google to find jobs in Search Engine Results Pages or visit specific recruitment websites to find new vacancies, these search engines are powered by the same technologies.

As such, you need to ensure that your vacancy postings (particularly job descriptions) are properly optimized to help search engines get them in front of the eyes that need to see them. 

Invest in the right technology

Finally, perhaps the most important path to a smoother, faster healthcare talent acquisition process lies with investing in the right technologies. Invest in a system that allows you to leverage your own database of talented candidates to find them faster than ever. Invest in the technology to onboard clients using specific capture forms so that they’re ready to go as soon as possible. Invest in the technology to track applicant data quickly and easily rather than rummaging through piles of paper applications all over your desk. 

The right technology makes everything quicker and easier.  

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