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Advantages of Cloud Staffing and Recruiting Software

As a company, you want your staffing or recruiting software that is scalable and cost effective, that is easy to use and can be used anywhere. This is where cloud based recruiting software comes in. Cloud based software or Software as a Service (SaaS) is software that can be accessed anywhere through a web-browser and doesn’t require any installation or managing software on a local machine. If you’re a company still on the fence about cloud based recruitment software, here are some advantages that can help you out:

Multi-tenant and Frequent Releases

The way the cloud works means that customers that use the product are always using the most updated version of the software as it is patched and updated often to meet customer’s needs. That means that new features are available a few times per year instead of having to wait two or more years between traditional software releases. Another benefit of this is that all users of the cloud software are always on the same version of a release. This removes the issues of incompatibility and having to create major upgrades.

Configuration and Tailored to Users’ Needs

One of the best parts about a Multi-tenat SaaS system is that it can operate on a subscription model according to the variables of a company’s needs. This allows those companies to leverage the software based on the levels of use. This saves companies money versus a traditional software model because there doesn’t have to be a purchase of a license of a software that may have more than what they use. This also saves money and time in the form of training and implementation that doesn’t have to take place. This variable pricing model can better help a business’ needs by allowing them to control their user counts on demand. Cloud based recruitment software means that a company uses what they need when they need it.

No Implementation Costs

If there is one thing that sets cloud based recruiting software apart from traditional licensed software, it’s that it literally has a no implementation cost. This is because there are no upfront capital expenditures, no IT resources needed and a much faster setup and training. Customers benefit from the “rent vs. buy” model that SaaS software is and benefit from not having to deal with software licenses. Companies save money by not having to pay for servers, extra software, consultants, or in house IT staff.


Cloud based staffing and recruiting software is very advantageous for businesses of all sizes to work with a more cost effective and flexible software that benefits them. Setup of the software happens faster and is less expensive than traditional models. In the world of staffing and recruiting, the more users that are able to use your software, the higher the chance you’ll find the talent you want. Cloud based staffing and recruiting software is the solution to your staffing and recruiting needs.


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