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Staffing Industry Analysts Executive Forum 2013

The Staffing Industry Analysts recently held their annual Executive Forum in sunny Orlando. The event drew staffing and recruiting executives from around the world. Akken is proud to have sponsored a number of the Strategy & Opportunities Track events at the Forum. Here are a few of the important highlights from the first two days.


Day One:

Healthcare Reform was the only session on tap for this event. An ever growing important cog of the staffing, and recruiting industry. Folks gathered to absorb what they could about implementing the affordable care act into their staffing business. Though the measure does not take affect until 2014 This act poses a very large change for the industry, and it was encouraging to see so many taking a proactive approach to addressing the issue.


Day Two:

With the Forum in full swing; Akken CEO, Giridhar Akkineni, opened the Strategy & Opportunties Track with an introduction of AkkenCloud™. The staffing, and recruiting efficiency improvement platform and how it can help a staffing firm’s strategic approach to business. Mr. Akkineni then introduced guest speaker and SIA VP of Research, Jon Osborne.

Mr. Osborne spoke about 20 under appreciated business opportunities and best advice for staffing firms. His presentation involved; business opportunities, and low hanging fruit a staffing firm may have passed by; actionable items, and big ideas to improve your business.

The day closed with a bang, as keynote speaker Billy Beane of the Oakland Athletics took the stage. Beane is considered one of the most talented baseball execs in the game, and has made the Athletics a perennial contender since 1997. In this keynote, Billy presented his innovative and winning style of management which involves identifying undervalued assets to sustain a competitive advantage. Beane’s energetic and entertaining parallels between baseball and business kept the crowd engaged for over an hour. Definitely a good story.


In Summary:

The first two days of the SIA Executive Forum proved to be an informative and entertaining conference for Staffing Executives around the globe. Many critical topics regarding the industry were highlighted; including the impending Healthcare Reform Act, and Beane’s keynote was certainly a highlight of the entire conference.

We at Akken were thrilled for the opportunity to present for the Strategy & Opportunities Track, and the feedback on the AkkenCloud™, our cloud based staffing and recruiting efficiency improvement platform, was fantastic.


I’ve been in the recuriting – search business here in Silicon Valley for 40+ years. To me, the search business has been decimated due in part to the Internet “job boards” and other recruiting schemes that replace true seach work. It has become an impersonal, volume business that floods the companies with resumes creating a gridlock.
You now have “10 times the pile of laundry to find two socks that match.”

Gary Zatkovich
Founder, Managing Partner
Zatkovich & Associates
Santa Rosa, CA

I can recommend Recruiting company! It’s a very professional agency that knew what they were doing, know their market and they did exactly what they said they would do. Kept in contact with me and placed me into a great company.

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