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How Agencies Can Tap Into The Government Staffing Sector

GSA Contracts

COVID-19 hit the economy like a sledgehammer, slashing output between 15 and 45 percent, depending on who you ask. Many companies had to pivot and try their hand at new verticals to stay in business. Demand for their preexisting products dried up. 

The switch hasn’t been easy in the recruitment world, but there are examples where enterprises have been successful. Here’s what’s been happening. 

Trying to match candidates to jobs when the private economy is tanking is never an easy task. There are plenty of workers in the pipeline but relatively few posts to fill. 

However, that’s not true in the government sector, and agencies are shifting towards it. 

During COVID-19, the demand for government personnel hasn’t let off. Public authorities need a large number of people to coordinate their response to the crisis. Thus, one company hired a marketing director and sales representative to tap into the government staffing sector. Now, this particular agency is reaping the rewards and has seen some considerable success so far. 

Unfortunately, the request for proposal (RFP) process is quite long and complicated, meaning it is often difficult for agencies to secure contracts. By law, governments have to follow the RFP process to drive down their costs and ensure full competitive situations when the state is the buyer. The scheme usually begins with the drafting of the RFP. Various bidders then review it and send their recommendations for improvement. After any amendments, bidders submit their offers. The government buyer then selects a handful of bidders to finalize the negotiation and settle on a single provider offering the best value. 

Given the complexity of the process, many companies are using the Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (PTACs). These agencies provide in-person training and counseling services for small business owners looking to offer staffing services at the local, state, and federal levels. 

If you haven’t already, we encourage you to get onto the GSA schedule and secure a GSA contract. They offer a host of advantages for small agencies looking for clients during COVID-19. 

GSA contracts are governmentwide, meaning that they apply to all government agencies, from the Department of Energy to FEMA. This feature means that you can supply a wide pool of candidates to a range of state employers. 

The contracts are also “indefinite-delivery, indefinite-quantity.” This term means that you can continue providing staff for as long as you hold the GSA. You don’t have to meet any specific “deliverables” unless stated elsewhere. And you can continue to render services for as long as you and your government clients require. 

GSA contracts are also “multi-award” contracts, meaning that more than one agency can hold them. Just because there is already somebody in your region providing government staffing, it doesn’t exclude you from the race. You have just as much a right to participate in the market as they do, so long as you can compete effectively. 

GSA contracts offer a variety of benefits, such as less competition overall. Many agencies have used them to pivot successfully during COVID-19. 

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