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Looking Into the Digital Transformation of Recruiting

Digital transformation in recruiting may sound like another buzzword. However, it is worth exploring the impact the digital world could present on your job in recruitment. If you observe a recruiter’s daily routine, you will find they probably spend most of the day completing calls and sending emails to prepare interviews for your clients. They might even log into different sites to post job ads and look into endless spreadsheets to calculate the time to hire because your boss wants a report on their desk in time for their presentation to the larger team.

What if automated software could complete these tasks within an hour or less? You could utilize the rest of your time analyzing the reports to improve your hiring process. Your optimization would lead you to new sourcing channels and focus on more creative tasks.

Well, this is not a dream scenario any longer. Recruitment technology has dramatically improved over the years to free up your time in many manners.

digital transformation of recruiting

What is the Digital Transformation of Recruitment?

First, we need to explain digital transformation. For some businesses, digital transformation disrupts businesses by thoroughly transforming how they internally operate or interact with external customers.

In most cases, digital transformation is the acquisition of technology and data solutions. Such software is applicant tracking systems, which simplify or eliminate administration-related tasks. Therefore this frees you up to increase operational efficiency across your departments.

As a result, you will spend less time in spreadsheets and paperwork and more time eliminating your company’s recruiting process gaps.

There are some difficulties in implementing a digital transformation recruitment plan. Earning a client’s buy-in on the project and budget with stakeholders and executives can be challenging. Then you must train your workforce with specific tech platforms. However, the gains of digital transformation far outnumber the losses.

Technological solutions, such as AI and automation, will boost operational efficiency, product quality, and customer retention. Let’s tie this to recruitment:

  • Faster hiring processes
  • Happier candidates and employees,
  • Improved polished employer brand.

Are you still doubting? Let’s dive deeper into how the digital transformation of recruitment influences business.

Improved Productivity and Better Time to Hire

Digital mechanisms enable you to speed up your daily processes in various methods. For instance, you can automate administrative duties, such as maintaining records of applicant documents or scheduling interviews. Recruiters who utilize an ATS can screen candidates quicker because the ATS will present all necessary candidate information in one place.

You won’t have to read a resume and open a different file to see the candidate’s cover letter, portfolio, or assessment. They will all be accessible on the same page. However, if this sounds trivial, think about all the time you’ll save if you have 5 or 10, or 20 open jobs simultaneously and you have to screen 50 candidates for each of these roles.

It is not only recruiters who save time via digital transformation. Candidates can also apply quicker with auto-filling application forms. One-click apply buttons are fantastic tools for your candidates. When your leads receive more personalized communication, they have a more positive experience. Therefore they are more likely to remain engaged.

Improved Efficiency and Metrics

sales strategies for staffing agencies

Collecting and interpreting data on your own can be time-consuming and even erroneous. Primarily this occurs if it is dependent on human processes. Most recruiting platforms automatically collect metrics, such as a recent pipeline report.

You can recognize and eradicate bottlenecks in the pipeline and capitalize on the most lucrative sources for candidates in a specific job opening.

Therefore, this data will help you identify gaps and experiment with solutions before they start affecting time and cost per hire.

You might find that many candidates withdraw at the assessment phase. Therefore you can observe whether it is due to a time-consuming assessment or measures that the candidate sees as irrelevant skills. You could, then, try shortening the evaluation, making it more targeted, and seeing how applicants respond.

Remember, with significant data comes excellent efficiency and great responsibility. So, before you begin basing your hiring process on data, check all compliance boxes by implementing a sound applicant tracking system.

Therefore you will have a check in place to improve your workflow. Share track, and improve your hiring process with real-time recruiting analytics from AkkenCloud.

Easier Candidate Evaluation

Digital transformation can also increase the value of your candidate assessment. First off, digital tools and AI solutions screen applications more quickly with the use of filtering options. Afterward, you could use many assessment tools with shortlisted candidates, like game-based or video assessments.

For instance, if you are hiring salespeople, you can utilize video assessments to assess their presentation and negotiation skills before requesting them for an in-person interview.

You can also evaluate candidates remotely with features like video interviews and video assessments. No requirement to travel long stretches or restrict yourself to local talent. Hiring teams can also employ those recordings to bypass multiple interview rounds and reduce the time to hire.

Greater Access to Talent

Finally, tech recruiting solutions help you find candidates faster than mainstream sourcing techniques. Digital transformation has allowed you to post your job ads to multiple job boards with a single button. Job advertising includes the places where job seekers usually hang out, i.e., Facebook and Instagram.

You can also benefit from AI-based functionality to reach out to people you would not meet otherwise.

In this case, digitally, it is not only uncomfortable but also risky to stick to the same old techniques. It is time to begin adopting simple tech solutions and track what works for you best. Your recruitment process won’t change drastically overnight.

However, you are still the one operating the process. Equipping yourself with a vibrant and modern recruitment tech stack will save you and your team significant time. Maybe even a few sleepless nights because you can now tell your boss: “No problem! I’ll get those numbers to you by the end of the day!”.

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