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How To Engage The Talent Pool With No In Person Events This Year

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Before the pandemic engaging with the talent pool seemed much more straightforward. Conferences, recruitment events, and word of mouth were all excellent and trusted ways to acquire top talent for your business. But with the shutdown, many employers are left scratching their heads and wondering if and how reaching the talent pool is possible. Luckily it is, and it is made far easier with the digital technology we have at our disposal. Read on to discover some fantastic ways to dive into the talent pool. 

Offer Competitive Benefits

Most likely, the top talent in your industry are not looking for a job right now. They will be already employed and at a good salary. If you want to attract the best talent to your business, you need to engage them and offer excellent terms. With the global pandemic on it can be hard to reach them, but was this ever not the case? Take advantage of PPC advertising, that uses a combination of targeted and retargeted ads; it should be possible to grab the interest of someone with the skill set you’re looking for. 

Engage Social Media Users

Social media is an excellent place to scout for passive candidates. This doesn’t mean screening profiles for skillets and cold contacting people. Use social media in the way it’s designed to be used. Show off your company and working environment. Suggest that it’s a superb place to work and you are hiring at the moment. The key is to entice the interest of tip talent who may not be currently searching for new work. As well as appealing to top talent, this method has the added benefit of getting to know candidates before they are hired.

Host Online Events 

Online events, such as webinars and community gatherings, are an excellent way to engage interest in your company. With everything shut down and no opportunities to pursue career interest in-person, candidates with relevant skill sets will be online looking for opportunities to engage with their community. If you are in their industry, you will also form part of their community, and they will be willing to engage with you. Similar to social media, create interest in an informal way before introducing your job openings. 

Set up a Referral Program

Referrals are just as effective online as they were offline. According to a LinkedIn study, 46% of people said they were more likely to join a company if they knew someone who already worked there. That’s a large number of people when you consider it’s only passive interest. Talk to your present employees and set up incentives to spread the word among their contacts. This has proven to be a very effective strategy for engaging with the talent pool.

Offer Remote Positions  

Given the present global situation, the majority of people will be already working from home and will be expecting to do so for the foreseeable future. If the position you have available is not remote, then consider making it remote. Or give candidates the option. If you offer a position that has a remote option available, you will open the door to many more passive candidates. 

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