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How To Use Facebook Recruiting Ads to Gain More Quality Applicants

Due to the advancements of technology, the way recruitment works has dramatically changed. As opposed to applying to jobs with physical paper CVs, applicants can easily apply for roles through social media platforms such as Facebook. Using Facebook recruiting ads can be a highly effective strategy to attract top talent to your company. However, there are some tips and tricks you need to be aware of prior to starting an ad campaign with Facebook.

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Facebook is now one of the most popular ways to attract talent. It is an easy platform to advertise jobs as well as attract job applicants. Advertising jobs online means it is offered to a larger pool of people, which means it is possible to attract higher-quality clients. If you are looking at how to use Facebook recruiting ads to gain more quality applicants, here’s more.

Make a company page

Although it is an easy platform for job applicants, it may not be as easy for the companies who are hiring. It isn’t as simple as posting a job opening on a personal page. Most companies will need to go a lot further and make strategic plans by using company Facebook pages. This will help filter who sees the advertisements, which will also help attract the right people for the role. 

Be interactive

Post photos and videos which show what it’s like to work at your company. Facebook makes it easy to be visual with your storytelling. People want to be able to envision themselves working for companies, so when it comes to Facebook recruitment, photos really are worth a thousand words. This will attract higher-quality clients that are interested in looking into your companies culture and work ethic. 

Utilize Facebook recruiting ads software

Individuals and companies have the freedom to create ads on Facebook. Ads can help promote a product, fundraising event, or job opportunity. As a company, you can use your advertising budget on Facebook ads. When writing a Facebook recruiting job ad, start by considering your tone of voice, which should be a reflection of your business’s personality and the vacant position you are looking to fill. Should your candidate be funny? All suit and tie? Adventurous? Passionate? Every company has its own identity and values that they appreciate the most in their employees. The more authentic you are, the more effective your Facebook recruiting ads are likely to be in attracting higher-quality candidates. 

Using a general Facebook recruiting ad that promotes all your openings in one Facebook post can save you time and money. Still, if you have a certain position that is very hard to fill, you could create a specialized Facebook recruitment job post for it to make it stand out and attract more attention.

Facebook is a fast, and often free, way to advertise job opportunities. You could find some of the most fitting applicants through social media. As you can filter who sees the opportunity and job advertisement, you may find better applicants online as it can be shared with more people than just the traditional magazine advert. This indicates a lot of opportunities to find great applicants within the mammoth social network’s membership.

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