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Here Are the Latest Trends in Recruiting Health Care Workers

Health care workers are in more demand than ever due to the pandemic. Even before the pandemic, health care workers were difficult to source. Especially for the practices in rural areas. There does not look to be an easy way of recruiting health care workers still, but there is a more relaxed approach with virtual care and consultations on offer. Thus, there is less strain on providing those in need with help and assurance when it comes to their health. With that being said, here are the latest trends in recruiting health care workers. 

recruiting health care workers

Virtual care

A current trend that is hugely popular and helpful is virtual care. With fewer in-house doctors and nurses, due to health care staff shortages, utilizing virtual platforms for checkups and medical assistance ensures that those in need are cared for. Many young people are seeking modern jobs, which health care work is often not associated with. Thus, for young students who want to be in the healthcare industry but utilize technology, they could become a virtual care assistant to help people with online assistance. 

Travel nurses

Travel nurses are from various clinical backgrounds who work for independent staffing agencies. They are assigned to different care areas on a temporary basis to fill in short-term employment gaps. Travel nursing is a specialty that took root when the field of nursing faced a nationwide shortage. These are popular for those who like to travel with work or prefer to work shorter hours, on a temporary basis. For recruiters looking to fill in the gaps in the industry, sourcing travel nurses is a great decision to ensure the health care industry is able to cope during tough and busy times.

Improving workplace culture

Introducing a better workplace culture, as proving this to potential future health care workers, is important. New equipment, flexible hours, and increased pay are just a few simple ways to encourage health care workers to choose your company. Prospective healthcare employees are similar to patients in that both select the healthcare provider they feel most comfortable with. Your employer brand strategy should help make a candidate’s choice easier and provide assurance that he or she has chosen the right employer.

Encouraging/helping minority workers

With the healthcare industry experiencing a shortage of workers, it is crucial to make sure you are employing people from all walks of life. You can promote opportunities through school programs and organizations. This could encourage children to take the health care worker career path, or find talent that would otherwise not be utilized. If your company has the budget, you could offer internships or courses to those who wish to pursue the career but do not have efficient backing from families or their finances. Similarly, very few disabled individuals are hired in certain industries. Individuals with disabilities can pursue successful careers in the healthcare field. Opportunities are available, but so are obstacles, from expensive equipment to accommodate workers to licensing requirements.

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