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How To Use Twitter for Recruiting in 2022 and Beyond

Many people were skeptical about social media use for recruiting in the past, but it’s becoming more common all the time. While Twitter use among HR professionals has nearly doubled over the last three years, some companies still don’t use it at all. Even if your company isn’t using any form of social recruiting now, you should watch this trend to be ready when it becomes part of your corporate culture.

Because users can post concise messages called “tweets” and follow text posts from other users without using personal information or friend/following each person individually, many recruiters have found it a great way to stay connected to top talent.

So whether you’re a Twitter pro or just getting started on the platform, we’ve put together a list of tips for recruiters on how to use Twitter for recruiting.

If you use any of these tips and adapt them to fit your company’s recruiting needs, you’ll be ahead of the pack.

Use Twitter for Recruiting

Find the Right Candidates

To use Twitter effectively for recruiting, you need to get connected to the right people.

Many recruiters use Twitter search to find people who use relevant keywords and hashtags such as #jobsearch or other industry-specific hashtags. One of the best things about Twitter for recruiting is that it offers the chance to use trending hashtags and keywords at no cost.

If you use trends effectively, you’re using real-time search results to your and your candidates’ benefit and getting more eyes on your posts. Make sure that you use appropriate #hashtags! And also: use them sparingly! Research shows people don’t want to see more than five hashtags in your posts.

Promote Key Tweets Using Ads

Using Twitter ads based on keywords is a great way to spread your insights and share your job listings with a targeted audience that includes your ideal candidates.

Not only will you be able to use Twitter to find your candidates, but you can also use it to promote your insight and gain new followers as well.

Ads are a great way to build trust as a recruiter and gain credibility as an expert in your industry.

Engage With Your Audience’s Tweets

There is more to engaging with your audience beyond putting an occasional like on their tweets. But liking tweets is an excellent way to start to get their attention and stay top of mind. The key to success on Twitter is engaging with others. When you share their content and ask questions, they feel more connected the longer your conversation lasts, so jump right in! You can also comment on what people have posted or thank them for sharing information by thanking those who reply back.

The average person only has about five interactions per day which means when an opportunity crops up. It stands out as something special – meaning if we want our follower count to grow quickly enough, then making sure these one-off conversations happen often will be crucial.

Create Tweets that Attract Interest from Candidates

Many recruiters use their Twitter accounts for professional and personal reasons, but it’s best to balance your tweets. To get people to follow you on the social media platform, aim to provide more than just job openings updates from time to time as this will allow them to see who is behind ‘the recruiter title.’ A good way of doing this would be by providing engaging content that shows what makes our company different from others out there!

Many career enthusiasts have used Twitter as part or all aspects between themselves, personally or professionally. However, no matter which route you take, offer something of value to your followers. People come to social media to learn something new or to be entertained.

Your content needs to be valuable in a two-fold manner:

Firstly, use your content to showcase just what makes you different from all the other recruiters out there! This may be something like hosting regular social events or simply offering an exclusive look into how we work at ___ company. Whatever it is, make sure it’s compelling and interesting. Secondly, use great content to explain who YOU are as an individual (to distinguish yourself from other recruiters out there). Who you are matters — especially when people use Twitter for recruiting purposes — since they want to get a feel for who will be representing their resumes and interviewing them.

Building an engaged following is all about creating content that your followers will love. The more interesting and relevant, the better! It doesn’t have to be “Engaging” in the sense of being chatty. It just means good quality posts which are rich with information. Timely news updates from reputable sources like @mentioning other people on Twitter can get their attention, too, if you post topical thoughts or thoughtful tweets.

Twitter is an excellent way for recruiters to use their networks to get in touch with people who may use their services. So now that you know the latest strategies to use Twitter for recruiting go out there and put some new faces in your network.

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