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How to Use Instagram for Recruiting in 2022 and Beyond

We live in a generation where everything revolves around social media. In fact, competition for top talent has shifted from word of mouth and referrals to online social networks. In the past couple of years, Instagram emerged as a powerful tool that can help recruiters find their next employees that have been using this app to build their personal brand and share updates about their lives.

Use Instagram for Recruiting

Instagram is a relatively new player in the recruiting world but growing exponentially with an average of 80 million active users daily worldwide. In a world where attention is the new currency, Instagram has become an increasingly effective way to recruit.

In today’s fast-paced society, employers must find ways to reach out more efficiently. This is why using Instagram for recruitment will become more important, and the number one source to attract, engage, and hire top talent.

Instagram users can say much about themselves through their posts and photos, making it easier to see who they are as people; this gives recruiters an easy way to connect with these individuals based on that criteria. The bOf course, the part of recruiting on Instagram is that whether you’re looking for account managers or software engineers, both job seekers and employers can find what they’re searching for through this platform using tools like relevant hashtags to their industry.

According to recent studies, tech professionals are the most active users of Instagram. This means tech companies should fully embrace using this app as a powerful tool to reach tech talent. However, to do so, there needs to be a strategy in place that works best for each company.

The purpose of this article is to outline some steps companies can take to attract top talent to their organization through Instagram.

Both the company page and recruiters must have strong, professional accounts, so they are taken seriously by both job seekers and employers alike. When building out an account, it’s important to remember that quality over quantity is key. On Instagram, the best posts are visually appealing with great content. Often this means not simply posting job ads but

To be successful on Instagram for recruiting, a company must also have an eye-catching profile image. The image should immediately communicate what kind of culture employees can expect at the company while enticing them to visit the website and apply for jobs there.

Show Your Culture In a Fun Visual Way

Setting up an Instagram account and posting ‘we are hiring’ photos might seem like a simple way to engage talent, but it is wrong. To attract the initial attention on Instagram users, you need to show them day-to-day life at your company or what kind of events typically happen there.

Don’t take yourself too seriously because this social media platform provides some fun in its content strategy! We must showcase these things: new starters; employee celebrations such as promotions and weddings (with plenty more coming); achievements from projects completed successfully by one team member alone–and even tutorials can do well if they’re interesting enough about how something works inside our offices.

When deciding which type of post will best appeal within different platforms, try to think about what you’re ultimately trying to achieve and who your target audience is. This will help with the ‘why’ behind writing certain types of posts.

However, the hard work begins with this one long before posting to Instagram. You need to be authentic with the depictions of your company. Your employees won’t want to participate in the company’s Instagram photos if you don’t really have a great culture. If your employees are “faking it” in your photos, the talent you are trying to attract will be able to see through it.

Use Instagram Stories to Attract Gen Z Talent

If your company is looking to attract the younger generations to come work for you, don’t just post to your main feed on Instagram. The younger generations hang out in the stories section of Instagram more often than in the main feed area. A whopping 70% of Generation Z and 59% of Millennials watch Instagram stories daily. To appeal to a younger audience on Instagram, get the young people within your organization involved in the story-making. Use their familiarity with social media and make sure that they are in front of cameras as brand ambassadors for you!

Engage With Talent

To build a community, it’s essential to not just post your content but also to engage with others’ content. Community building on social media is a two-way street. Engage with talent by commenting on posts and following anyone who may eventually show interest in your company or career page.

Utilize Instagram’s CTA Feature

Instagram has a “call-to-action” feature that allows you to direct users to your Careers Page, making it easier for interested parties to apply for open roles.

Include Hashtags That Your Talent Pool Will Uses

Candidates looking at your company’s profiles on social media will be searching hashtags related to what they want and don’t want in their next role. Make sure you find out what those hashtags are to tag your content appropriately and make it easy for candidates who love your brand or product/service to discover more about the company.

While Instagram was not a platform specifically built to recruit talent, recruiters and brands cannot ignore the world’s fourth-largest social media platform with 1.4 billion active users. To use Instagram for recruiting in 2022 and beyond, it’s vital to use these strategies and others to ensure your company is reaching your talent on their home turf.

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