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How to Implement Diversity and Inclusion Methods Into Your Company

In our quest to continue evolving as better societies and companies, we must embrace change, which means the way we approach diversity and inclusion. Over the last several years, as our communities have been addressing more diversity and inclusion issues with press coverage, lawmaking, and regulations, it is time to focus our attention in the workplace towards it too. Charting unfamiliar waters are challenging for any business. However, you don’t have to do it without a little guidance. Read our advice on how to implement diversity and inclusion methods into your company. 

Research Your Team

Although human resources and the executive team have been hiring a diverse group, it doesn’t always mean that those various team members feel included. The Harvard Business Review suggests taking surveys in segments to address each niche’s concerns distantly.  To take a deeper dive into how your team members feel, it may be wise to hire an independent consultant to lead focus groups about diversity and inclusion. To create these crucial diversity and inclusion methods, you must first research the current ambiance, feel, and temperament of the team.

Acknowledge All Cultures and Religions

Your company’s calendars, human resources paperwork, and paid holidays make your message clear and concise that you acknowledge all cultures and religions. That doesn’t mean that you have to give your team thirty days of vacation honoring all cultural days or religious holidays. However, you could announce the company’s general holidays with additional floating holidays for each team member to allocate as he or she wishes. This alleviates employees’ pressure to use precious vacation time for a day precious to his/their culture and family.

An Outlet for Open Communication

For your team to succeed in implementing diversity and inclusion methods, open communication is vital. If employees don’t feel comfortable and free to voice their opinions, they are omitted. Strive to have a way for all employees to anonymously reach human resources or the diversity and inclusion lead at your company. Some organizations have done this old school with a suggestion box or a comments and complaints box. However, with the advancement of technology, you can create a comment form online or even a specific text number for diversity and/or inclusion discussions. 

Reflect Everyone’s Needs at Everyday Events

It is important to honor diversity through the celebration of holidays or company milestones at team meals and parties and in everyday events. Just like you would design a menu to address others’ dietary needs for a holiday party, do so in everyday celebrations like birthday parties or retirement celebrations. Make sure that you offer beverages as well that are aligned with your team’s beliefs. Not all parties include alcoholic beverages. Likewise, if you have team members that don’t eat meat for religious or other reasons, do your best to have options for everyone.

The benefits of a diverse workplace are clear. You bring more perspectives to the table for innovation and new pathways to success. However, to ensure that this comes to fruition, your diverse team members must feel included. By implementing diversity and inclusion methods into your organization, you can make the right steps towards noting a diverse workplace. 

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