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Three Website Enhancements to Help Your Business Recruit Millennials

Numbering close to two and half billion people in the world, millennials are the biggest global market. If your business has been slow on the uptake, these tips will help you tailor your web presence to engage this massive demographic.

Social Media Links

Nowadays it is a truth universally acknowledged that social media is simultaneously a place where millennials hang out and a tool that they use to interact with the world. So if you’ve come this far in your business thinking that you can ignore social media, or write it off as silly or unimportantly, think again. If you want to bring millennials to your site and have them interact with your content, it is essential that you offer links to your social media accounts (yes, you must have these) on all the relevant platforms, be it Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Snapchat.

Once you’ve set up your accounts, make sure you’re actively engaging with your audience by uploading new relevant, exciting content, which you link to your website. Also, if you receive comments, make sure you reply and engage. Social media links are a great way to interact with your younger audience on a personal level and build a trusting relationship with them. Once you’re on their level, millennials’ will be flocking to your site in no time.

Offer Informative Content

Contrary to popular belief, millennials do not have short attention spans. To the contrary, they are simply getting more selective. By and large, millennials are busy, hard-working, motivated individuals who spend even their free time on productive activities. They go to the Internet to learn how to advance in the world, and they have no time for information unless it is entirely relevant to their goals.

Providing content to meet the demands of this exacting generation might sound like a tall order, but there is a great opportunity here. Offering a steady stream of informative and relevant blog content means you’re increasing the volume of text on your site, and also updating it more regularly. Done properly, your company’s blog can boost your Google search rankings, helping you come up ahead of your competitors. To ensure that your content is hitting the mark in SEO terms, get a free seo audit of your site. While updating your site constantly with new posts and content can be hard work, you’ll be glad you’ve gone down this millennial-friendly road once you start to see the benefits.

Be Proud of The Charitable Work You Do

Millennials as a generation care about the world. Whether it’s animal rights or the environment, they want to help, and they hold their brands to account. Research shows that companies that support charitable causes are more likely to attract business from millennials than those whose only overt motivation is profit. Why not get your brand on board with a charity? Showing what you care about will not only enhance your brand personality but enable you to connect with millennials over shared values. Millennials want to be part of something larger than themselves and respond to companies that see themselves in a wider context, too.

If you’re giving your business an overhaul, chances are that a website update is overdue for as well. Before you start, consider implementing these key features to ensure your new site connects with millennials.

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