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How to Increase Productivity with Mobile Recruiting?

The world is becoming more and more mobile-centric. In fact, the average person spends 2 hours on their device each day, so it should be no surprise that we are beginning to see many companies start building recruitment strategies into these devices too! So if you want your company to reach a wider net with mobile recruiting, this might be what you need.

Mobile Recruiting

Mobile phones can now act as gateways to connect with potential candidates who have been searching specific jobs or locations through one of our native apps or web app portal by uploading resumes directly from the phone’s camera, saving time in scanning paper copies during an interview process, so they’re only reviewing electronically available files instead. This gives employers another edge over applicants when looking at hiring decisions because most mobile users will have a mobile phone or tablet as part of their daily life.

Did you ever receive an email from a candidate after business hours or on the weekend?

Well, now, with mobile recruitment technology, accessing your ATS has never been simpler. With just one tap of your thumbprint identification app (or finger scan), activate reading mode by swiping down the screen! In response to their question about how often they will be contacted while looking for new opportunities, send back this message: “I’ll contact candidates as soon as I get in touch with my clients Monday morning.”

Here are 12 ways mobile recruiting helps recruiters save time and be more productive when searching for new talent while on the go.

1) Instant mobile access to an applicant tracking system (ATS).

2) Uploading of resumes via mobile-ready resumes (i.e., making sure they are searchable by computer programs)

3) Communicate with candidates about how long they should expect to wait until receiving a response, as well as answering questions right away without ever having to type one keystroke!

4) Quick review of candidate’s information to see if they meet requirements or not. Easily click through to view their LinkedIn account.

5) Use mobile apps to make a decision on the spot (i.e., mobile video) and have candidates fill out mobile-ready applications

6) Instant mobile access to location-based services that notify recruiters of nearby talent as well as keep tabs on who they’ve interacted with within the last day or week

7 ) Utilize mobile analytics to see how long it takes a candidate to respond from the first contact and view popular searches by occupation and industry type.

8) Add new contacts, companies, opportunities, candidates, and job orders via mobile device.

9) View shortlisted jobs in candidate submissions and shortlisted candidates in job orders.

10) Check mobile analytics on mobile devices and see how mobile recruiting impacts productivity.

11) Announce company news, open positions, job orders, and more through mobile alerts to mobile app users.

12 ) Provide mobile support for both job applicants and internal employees using the mobile application for easy access to resources and services when working remotely.

Mobile recruiting has fundamentally changed the way we work, and it is important to take advantage of this evolution to remain competitive. Incorporating a mobile-friendly workflow into your recruiter’s day will not only improve productivity but also make recruiting more seamless than ever before.

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