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Creative Recruitment Strategies to Find Talent Even in This Job Market

One of the most difficult things about recruitment strategies is there is simply not enough time in the day to try them all. However, in recent months, many more recruiters have been struggling to find qualified candidates for their positions due to declining interest in job postings around the country. One quote from an HR pro says it all: “It’s been hard than ever since that stimulus went out! I’ve never seen such low applicant flow and so much turnover at once.” Recruiting for the right talent can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be.

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The CDC even warned about the risks of getting vaccinated if an individual is not immune to a COVID-19 infection. This led many employers to reconsider the number of workers they need and what kind of job prospects are available for them as time goes on post-COVID-19 world, but how can these companies keep growing with no one applying?

If you’re still looking for new job candidates, but can’t find any qualified applicants that will work out to your company’s standards, then we have a few top-secret recruitment strategies for you on how you can find the talent necessary even in this job market.

Use Influencers to Reach New Audiences

It’s always a smart move to leverage influencers. Consider finding and hiring social media influencers in your industry who will promote your jobs and culture for you. For example, let’s say there is an electrician with 20,000 followers on Instagram. He would be an ideal person for an electric company to partner up with if they want exposure outside of their website or job boards! It is a great way to get your job openings out there and find talent that might have otherwise slipped through the cracks.

Don’t Just Look at Their Resume. Look at Their Personality!

Today’s job market has more professionals than ever before, which means you need to look beyond just resumes when sourcing. Please research their social media posts, or even call people who work with them directly! See what kind of person they are outside of work – will they fit in with your company culture? You may be surprised at what you learn about candidates this way. You’ll also see how that candidate interacts with other people, which is almost as important as their ability in the interview room.

Inbound Talent Marketing

AkkenCloud’s Inbound Talent Marketing allows users and agencies to improve brand awareness, leverage social media to reach the target audience, convert site visitors into qualified job applicants. This visibility will prevent your website traffic from stagnating or declining by improving SEO rankings with quality content that converts more interested prospects into actual hires.

Create a Recruiting Video

Video content is king across social media platforms today. Many social networks prioritize video content in their algorithm allowing for more reach.

In today’s job market, a video can be the difference between hiring an applicant or not. The question is: how do you make one on your own?

The answer might surprise you – with any budget in mind. It’s possible to create excellent videos that tell potential employees what their jobs will entail and who they would be working for! There are two methods of getting these messages across collaborating with someone already skilled at videography & editing (such as freelancers) or doing so yourself. Regardless of which method is chosen, remember this golden rule- keep things concise but informative enough to interest people without scaring them off early into watching the whole thing!

Be sure to include a link to the jobs page alongside the video with a call to action.

Recruitment Events

One of the best recruitment strategies that often work well, whether in hard times or not, is recruitment events. That doesn’t mean simply getting a bunch of people together and handing out recruitment pamphlets! The aim here is to get as much attention on your product/business as possible by creating an event that can do just that.  This could be anything from organizing a recruitment day at your offices where potential employees can come to visit/ask questions about what they’d get up to with their job, through holding focus groups around your area of operations, all the way to organizing a competition for free samples in return for leaving an email address (think free car washes).

We hope these creative recruitment strategies have inspired you! If you end up using any of them – or if we missed your favorite idea in this article, let us know by tweeting @AkkenCloud!

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