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No-Bullying Policy with Your Vendor

Choosing a staffing software provider Our final blog installment about questionable SaaS vendor practices is essentially a loquacious reminder to be cognizant of how you deserve to be treated as a customer. Moreover, it’s a call to be well-informed and to know what you should expect from your staffing and recruitment management software provider before you select one.

If you’ve learned nothing from the prior three blog posts, we hope you’ve come to understand that it’s unacceptable to be pushed around by your staffing or recruiting software provider. Moving forward, you should keep these tips in mind to get the most out of your SaaS experience and proactively avoid issues that could negatively impact your business:

  • Perform research on well-known vendors before you make any decisions. Take a look at their testimonials and reviews to gauge customer satisfaction. If you come across reviews that mention data hostage threats, mark this as a red flag. Your data is your own—it should never be taken and then used as bait. This not only puts your business in an uncomfortable position, but it also diminishes trust between you and your provider. Also consider what a vendor’s customers are saying about the level of customer support. In the instance that you might require help, you should be confident that you’ll be able to receive quality and timely assistance. Request history of the provider’s average yearly downtime/uptime and factor this information into your choice. To reiterate from prior posts, your business can’t afford to lose valuable time and revenue to service downtime.
  • Be clear about your requirements. What do you need out of your staffing or recruitment software? Which programs do you need integrated into your platform? How much customization or personalization do you need? The more succinct you are with your expectations, the better you and your provider can judge the extent to which their particular solution will benefit you.
  • Make sure you understand the services and terms that you’re agreeing to. Once you’ve found a satisfactory provider based on research and careful selection, take the time to ensure that all of your questions are answered—trust us, formulating a list of questions at the beginning will save you time and hassle in the end. Understand that the best possible relationship with your vendor will derive from trust and reliability, and the best way to achieve these is to have an unambiguous understanding of the services you’ll be provided, as well as how the process works.

Maintaining dedicated relationships with our customers is the primary aspect of business that makes what we do worth it. The best recruiting software vendors will commit to upholding professional relationships by providing dependable service with support to back it.

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