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Is Your Paperless HR Legally Admissible and eDiscovery Compliant?

Implement a Paperless HR SolutionMany of the Staffing companies we talk to are confused about the difference between an e-Signature solution and a Paperless HR system.

Uploading you HR paperwork and forms into a e-Signature system and on-boarding new hires could be less paperwork and less expensive. But what about the risks and liabilities, such as potential legal inadmissibility of electronic documents, lack of compliance with record retention requirements, safety and data security flaws, etc.?

Even many of the Paperless HR systems are stand-alone and need data to be transferred between other systems that are still at risk for lack of compliance with e-discovery rules and payroll problems.

One of the most time-consuming (yet essential) tasks for HR personnel of recruiting and staffing companies is entering, tracking, and updating information regarding job candidates and employees. Recruitment software that offers electronic on-boarding makes this process significantly more efficient by eliminating the need to manually fill out paperwork for every qualified employee or candidate. Once a candidate is made an employee, the system can be updated with a simple click of a button, minimizing new data entry. Furthermore, any new solutions offer electronic forms and signatures for documents such as Save time and money with electronic HRthe I-9 and W-4. Security is never an issue, as both application security and user security are stronger with the cloud than with traditional software. Your information is hosted on the most secure environment that current technology can provide.

Overall, a majority of your company’s HR processes quicken because they are streamlined. Better yet, the data is accessible from any location with Internet access, on any device and at any time. The benefits of paperless, electronic HR are countless, and your company can easily gain the competitive advantage that it needs.

Once you enter your candidate information into the system, you’ll never have to reenter that information again. It eliminates much of the risk of duplicate entries, as the platform recognizes repetitive information and alerts users that the data is preexisting. Manual entry between different systems oftentimes leads to significant errors, miskeys, and data that doesn’t match up, creating liabilities and errors in payroll.

Fortunately, if you have an all-in platform like AkkenCloud that features paperless HR, you’ll bolster your overall efficiency and allow your human resources staff to focus on the parts of business that matter most.

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