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6 Ways to Place Candidates Faster and Increase Revenue

Finding qualified talent is sometimes not as easy as it seems. The talent market is getting more and more dynamic every year since the time required to place candidates has increased by 31%, but at the same time, staffing companies’ revenue has decreased by 4%. The old saying “time is money” holds in every industry, and the staffing and recruiting initiatives are no different. So we’ve put together a list of strategies that have been proven to work with hiring managers to help your agency place candidates faster than ever.

place candidates faster

1) Improve The Candidate Experience

If you want to place candidates more efficiently, then offer them a better candidate experience. The candidate experience is the core of successful recruiting and hiring. From a job candidate’s very first exposure to potential employers, initial branding that attracts them in this process but it encompasses every step along way from when you touch base with us at interview right until we offer or reject your application for hire.

This will make it easier for both the company and potential new customers who are interested in your services!

2) Use Video Interviewing

You may have heard of video interviewing before but are still unsure how it can help you place candidates more efficiently. The truth is that many staffing agencies are already using this concept. Here’s why you should be doing the same:

  • It removes some of the more time-consuming parts of an interview
  • You can use this for both initial phone screens and full interviews with top talent
  • Candidates love being interviewed over video because they feel it takes less time  (however, I recommend including a live conversation as well)

3) Measure Your Success Rate

Measure every placement opportunity so you can determine what works best for your company. Hence, use performance metrics that best fit your company’s situation rather than looking at a broad set of metrics that may not give the best indications of how your team is performing.  For example, place “x” number of candidates per month and place “x” number of candidates within one week. I recommend avoiding measures such as time-to-hire and cost-per-hire because they place too much emphasis on speed rather than quality.

The most successful recruiters are the ones who constantly monitor their progress, whether it be daily or weekly. As a result, they can pinpoint what works best for them to place more candidates faster than other recruiters.

4) Do Not Stray From Your Stylistic Guidelines

Enforcing your stylistic guidelines such as formatting is a place to place candidates faster and make more revenue. However, suppose you don’t implement this (especially if it’s not automated). In that case, there will be a lot of inconsistency in the candidate pool, which makes it harder for hiring managers to review them all within an adequate timeframe.

5) Avoid Conventional Processes and Try New Approaches

Approaches can place candidates faster and increase revenue, like getting interviews done over video or utilizing social media to track applicants, etc. It would help if you always tried new approaches that can place candidates faster and increase revenue because what

6) Be Flexible

When the market is terrible, you need to be flexible to place candidates faster and increase revenue. You might have to identify someone with less experience or place them without any payment to get the candidate in place. This is okay because you are putting people, so do it if it costs you a few bucks!

To sum this up, to place candidates, make sure you are utilizing your time well, getting more interviews done through unconventional methods, being flexible to place people even if you lose some money on the deal. This way, you place candidates faster and increase revenue.

I hope it is clear that placing candidates requires a few different things– not just one thing. For example, you have to utilize your time well, get more interviews done through unconventional methods, be flexible when needed to place people quickly without losing too much money on the deal, place more experienced candidates at available jobs even if there is less money involved.

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