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Recruiting Agency Software: 20 Game-Changing Applications

Recruiting agency software is essential for any company that wants to improve productivity, efficiency, and reliability. With these twenty game-changing applications, your life will get much easier. 

We’ll run through the best twenty apps you need for your software, breaking them into three categories: front-office, middle-office, and back-office. 

Without further ado, here are the apps:

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Recruiting Agency Software: Front Office Applications


AkkuSearch is an application that lets you leverage your database to find candidates faster than ever before. It speeds up time and means seconds pass rather than minutes. 

Inbound Talent Marketing

ITM is a critical asleep of your staffing agency software. It helps you boost brand awareness by being found by potential prospects in search engines. The simple way of putting it is that this app lets you find the best talent and brings them straight to your website. In turn, you can nurture these leads to get the desired outcomes. 

Applicant Tracking System

Tracking all the different job applicants can be extremely challenging when you don’t have an applicant tracking system. ATS lets you manage and search for any job applicants at a moment’s notice. Then, you can track the progress and see the success rates. 

Applicant Onboarding

Banish paperwork forms with applicant onboarding in your staffing agency software. This feature lets you create forms for specific candidates ahead of time. Then, they have to fill them in, and all their details upload to your system. It effortlessly streamlines the onboarding process – which is highly beneficial. It’s believed that great employee onboarding can improve employee retention by a massive 82%!

Credential Management

Your candidates need the right credentials to do specific jobs. Now, you can capture, track, and maintain valid certifications and licenses for all of your candidates. In addition, notifications can be crafted to let you know when anything expires, so your candidates can renew credentials before they are out of date. Finally, it ensures your candidates are always ready to work!

Inbound Referral Management

Inbound Referral Management is the first application in staffing agency software. This app aims to use your temporary employees to share job openings in their network. Then, incentivize them with rewards through the app, meaning they act as affordable recruitment agents for you. As a result, you generate more referrals, which can help you lower sourcing costs by 75%.

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Customer Relationship Management

64% of companies believe CRit’s be very impactful. This is why it’s a game-changing app for staffing agency software. It becomes the heart of your recruiting and sales, offering a full marketing suite. You can manage all of your activities in one place, ensuring you manage relationships effectively. 

Shift Scheduling

When there’s a shift that needs filling, you have to be aware of this as soon as possible. The shift scheduling app uses a color-coded grid to easily point out the shifts that need staff. 

Sales Force Automation

Many elements go into the sales process, and SFA will ensure everything goes smoother than ever. It works to streamline the process by automating a range of business tasks. In turn, staffing agencies can manage their customers and sales pipelines more efficiently and confidently. 

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Recruiting Agency Software: Middle Office Applications


AkkuOffice is an all-in-one application that brings a range of features into one place. This includes email and reminders. It’s an app designed to keep you organized, schedule meetings, create message boards, and manage company announcements. 

Document Manager

A staffing agency will have a wide range of documents stored across a server. Cut down on time wasted looking for specific documents with this application. An unlimited number of files can be saved in the app, and the expert searching features make them easy to find instantly. 

Recruiting Agency Software: Back Office Applications

Accounting & Invoice Management

Did you know that 61% of late payments are due to incorrect invoices? If your staffing agency software has an accounting & invoice management app, this will never be a problem again. You can generate custom invoices for every client, ensuring they send at the right time. Include all your payment details and terms to guarantee that payments are on time. 

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Commissions Management

Your employees generate commissions, so you need everyone to manage this. A commissions management app can help you track everyone’s commissions via managed roles. Everything calculates via the app, so you have accurate data to ensure people get paid correctly. 

Burden Management

With a job order, you can manage and track pay rates, bill rates, and margins with the burden management app. It gives you a genuine overview of your gross margin so that you can stay on top of your finances. 

Human Resource Management

A built-in HR management app with staffing agency software makes everything far simpler. You won’t need separate software to manage all aspects of HR – such as employee assignment history, compensation, benefits, etc. 

Customer Portal

How do you generate more customers? By making life easier for your existing ones! This leads to more recommendations and better reviews – and it can happen with the customer portal application. Customers can seamlessly add job orders, view assignments, and manage everything with this app. It makes their lives easy to hire staff whenever they need it quickly. 

Payroll Programs

You can choose between in-house or outsourced payroll solutions through this must-have app. It gives you the ability to be as flexible as you want with payroll; choose to use it however you like. 

Employee Portal 

Your agency will run better when your employees are proactive and have control over themselves. For example, an employee portal provides a way to upload timesheets, jot down expenses, etc. They can even view assignments, so they’re always on top of their work. 

Time & Expense Management

Call upon timesheets, a TAXI tool, or ESS & CSS to simplify payroll, reporting, and invoicing every week. This application makes it easy for you to manage time and expenses in your business. 

Employee Onboarding

Lastly, we have the employee onboarding application. It’s integrated with DocuSign, so the entire employee onboarding process can now be paperless. All sensitive data is captured in the app to effortlessly onboard without the usual hassle. Your staffing agency software doesn’t include these twenty apps. You’re in need of an upgrade. At AkkenCloud, we can provide the perfect all-in-one solution for you. If you’re interested, click here to learn more.

About AkkenCloud’s Recruiting Agency Software

AkkenCloud offers the most comprehensive front-officemiddle-office, and back-office staffing software with AkkuPay payroll for staffing agencies and recruiting agencies looking to increase efficiency, streamline operations, and grow revenue.

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