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Applicant Tracking Systems: 20 Ways to Streamline Your Hiring Process

Tracking the progress of your recruitment efforts with applicant tracking systems (ATS) is crucial for recruiters, staffing agencies, and HR departments. This will allow them to stay competitive in today’s talent market while finding top-notch employees who can fill any open positions quickly!

The ATS is a valuable database that can help you find your next great hire. It makes it easy to collect, organize and search through documents like resumes or cover letters on the job seeker’s behalf while also allowing them to apply directly from their computer screen using an app!

The features of an applicant tracking system are not limited to basic functionality. Some HR-specific or larger staffing companies will find OFCCP and EEOC useful for regulatory compliance, while others may only need a more robust set of tools in place that cover their specific needs with ease; all applicants can benefit from easy access via any device.

The best way for recruiters to find their next great hire is by learning where they have been getting candidates from. This applicant tracking system will clue them in on any referrals or specific listings that may lead you down the right path!

Here are 20 ways you can use your ATS to streamline your company’s hiring efforts!

applicant tracking system
Application Tracking Systems can help recruiters hire more efficiently.

1) Stay Organized

Applicant Tracking Systems keep everything organized in one place. This means no more missed applications or losing track of which candidates you have already interviewed.

2) Cost-Effective

By automating the candidate search process, Applicant Tracking Systems can save your company a significant amount of money.

3) Time-Saver

Applicant Tracking Systems can help you quickly weed out unqualified candidates, saving you valuable time in the hiring process.

4) Efficient Communication

By using an ATS, all communication with candidates can be streamlined and managed in one place. This includes email templates, interview scheduling, and feedback management. When you are using an ATS, you can automatically send interview requests and thank-you notes to candidates. This helps save time so that you can focus on other aspects of the hiring process.

Learn more about how our fully integrated ATS helps staffing agencies here.

5) Easy Collaboration

Applicant Tracking Systems make it easy for recruiters to collaborate on candidates. Multiple recruiters can easily review and leave comments on candidates without ever having to meet in person.

6) Consistent Hiring Practices

By using an Applicant Tracking System, your company can ensure that all hiring practices are followed consistently across the board. This includes things like equal opportunity employment and avoiding hiring bias.

7) Better Job Postings

With an ATS, you can ensure that your job postings are being seen by the right people. The system can help you target specific keywords and locations to attract the best candidates for the job.

They can also help you post job openings to multiple job boards with just a few clicks.

8) Prescreen Candidates

An ATS can help you pre-screen candidates with online assessments. This can help you determine which candidates have the skills and qualifications you’re looking for before you even start the interview process.

9) Schedule Interviews

Applicant Tracking Systems can help you schedule interviews with candidates. The system can send out an email or text alerts to remind you and the candidate of the upcoming interview.

10) Make Better Hiring Decisions

Applicant Tracking Systems compile all of your hiring data in one place. This includes things like job performance, attendance, and turnover rates. This data can be extremely helpful when it comes time to make hiring decisions.

11) Get a Head Start on the Competition

Applicant Tracking Systems can help you get a jump on the competition. By using an ATS, you can post your jobs to multiple job boards with just a few clicks.

12) Spend Less Time Sifting Through Resumes

An ATS can help you quickly identify which candidates are qualified for the job. This saves you time that would otherwise be spent sifting through resumes. Streamlining this process saves recruiters time and helps them work more efficiently.

13) Manage Your Pipeline

You can use an Applicant Tracking System to keep track of your hiring pipeline and know exactly where each candidate is in the hiring process. This will help your team spend more time engaging with the right candidates.

applicant tracking systems
Finding the right candidate has never been easier!

14) Improve Your Candidate Data

When you use an Applicant Tracking System, you have all of your data in one place. This makes it easy to track metrics and make informed decisions about which candidates to hire.

15) Applicant Tracking Systems are a Scalable Asset

As your business grows, an Applicant Tracking System can grow with you. Many Applicant Tracking Systems offer features like candidate self-scheduling. They also have automatic follow-ups that make it easy to manage a high volume of candidates.

Learn more about how our fully integrated ATS helps staffing agencies here.

16) Get Insights With Reporting

Most ATS come with built-in reporting features that allow you to track your progress and see where you can improve. As a result, you can review what’s working and what’s not. Which will make your team perform at a higher level.

17) Improve Your Time-to-Hire

Because Applicant Tracking Systems automate so many time-consuming tasks, they can help you hire faster.

18) Increase Your Hiring Accuracy

When you use an ATS, you can be confident that you’re not missing any steps in your hiring process. Without an ATS, it’s easy to let important details fall through the cracks. Making data-driven hiring decisions helps you ensure that you’re hiring the best candidate for the job.

19) Automate the Onboarding Process

Once you’ve hired a candidate, you can use your Applicant Tracking System to automatically send them the onboarding paperwork they need to fill out.

20) Applicant Tracking Systems Come With Support

When you use an Applicant Tracking System, you’ll have access to a support team that can help you with any questions or problems you have.

In summary, using an Applicant Tracking System can help you streamline your hiring process in a number of ways. Applicant Tracking Systems save time by automating repetitive tasks. They increase accuracy by ensuring that you don’t miss any steps in the hiring process and provide support throughout the entire process.

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