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11 Tips For Recruiting on LinkedIn in 2022 on Beyond

Recruiting on LinkedIn is a fast-paced and ever-changing process. What recruiting strategies work today may not work tomorrow.  Luckily, social media has changed recruiting by providing an excellent platform for recruiting strategies like sharing industry knowledge and events with potential hires, networking to make valuable contacts and develop relationships, and hiring employees with ease.

This blog will cover recruiting on LinkedIn; we’ll talk about why recruiting on LinkedIn is important and how recruiting on LinkedIn differs from other social media recruiting platforms.

Recruiters should use LinkedIn because it builds their network of contacts that they can tap into when looking to fill positions at their company. In addition, a strong impression begins with a cohesive content strategy that shows that your company is innovating, making headways, and has a culture that is attractive to potential candidates.

LinkedIn recruiting also allows your company to compete with other recruiting firms for talent.

Take advantage of multi-tool functionality by paying attention to recruiting on LinkedIn throughout the entire recruiting process. Recruiters should do everything they can to make themselves stand out after candidates have applied, continued networking, and made their way through each step of the recruiting process.

Recruiting on LinkedIn

Here are 11 ways to use LinkedIn for recruiting and finding top talent to fill your company’s positions faster and more efficiently today and into the future.

1. Create a recruiting strategy for LinkedIn

It is crucial to begin recruiting early to identify the best candidates for open positions. In addition, it is recommended to create recruiting strategies to attract top talent through recruiting on LinkedIn successfully. Without a plan in place, your efforts will be wasted.

2. Update your company’s page regularly

You want to make sure that potential new hires know your company’s values, what it’s all about. Keep this in mind when designing a page for prospective employees and clients alike!

3. Search active candidates by skill

As you search for potential candidates on LinkedIn, target active users with profiles that contain skills related to open positions at your company. By using the Skills & Expertise search filter on the Advanced People Search page, recruiters can narrow down results by location, industry, years of experience, and other factors.

4. Leverage your employees’ networks

Take a look at your employee’s LinkedIn profiles and see any common connections across their various networks. Connecting with those individuals will open up the possibility of recruiting from various sources that you may not have been able to reach previously.

5. Recruit via LinkedIn’s Live Events Feature

LinkedIn’s Events Feature allows both companies and individuals to host a live event where attendees can register and attend using the device of their choice. Events can be professional meetups, online workshops, seminars, and hiring events that showcase your company’s open positions.

6. Take advantage of LinkedIn’s recruiting apps

Several LinkedIn recruiting apps can help recruiters manage the hiring process within LinkedIn. Jobvite’s Recruiter Lite app makes it easier to filter through candidate profiles and connect with them directly, while Recruitment Point’s “Recruit Point” app. Which aggregates data from other social media sites – allows recruiters to collect data about potential candidates’ professional lives outside of LinkedIn, including Facebook profiles and Twitter feeds.

7. Make time to comment on posts

Commenting on posts gives you visibility to the person who wrote them, whether it’s a recruiting update or just a post about an industry-related issue. Making time to comment shows that you’re paying attention and makes yourself more visible in said candidate’s newsfeed.

8. Use hashtags to find industry thought leaders

Hashtags are not just for Twitter. LinkedIn has content-rich hashtags fully integrated into their platform, and they can be handy for recruiting. If you’re recruiting for the IT industry, find a relevant hashtag and search for it to see the top thought leaders in the space. Then, reach out to those people for recruiting purposes and get connected to them.

9) Post educational or entertaining content to both active and passive candidates

Don’t just post your job listings! People come to LinkedIn for two main reasons: to learn or be entertained. By posting high-quality content, you stay top of mind to your network.

If you’re recruiting for a specific position, try creating an employee profile highlighting the company’s culture and benefits. Then, put some personality into it with unique photos or videos to attract better candidates. You can even post open positions directly on your page!  And if you have something special about the way you do business, create a recruiting video about it to share on LinkedIn.

10) Reach out personally

The best recruiting is done one-on-one, so reach out to people via their inboxes – don’t just mass send messages through the messaging tool provided by LinkedIn.  Check out their profiles first, then focus on building connections that are personal rather than professional. For example, send them a message saying, “I noticed you completed XYZ qualification – congrats!”  Use ‘inmail credits‘ for this.

11) Recruiting on LinkedIn using ads

The good thing about recruiting on LinkedIn is that you can do it in an automated way by creating recruiting ads. You set up the targeting parameters, choose your budget and let the tool work its magic.  You’ll get great results in no time!  Just be sure to leave room in your recruiting budget for some one-on-one recruiting efforts too!

LinkedIn recruiting can be challenging, but it’s well worth the effort.  If done right, recruiting on LinkedIn will bring you game-changing results.  So don’t ever neglect recruiting on LinkedIn!

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