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Recruiting Tools Include Employee Screening

If your company is expecting to hire temporary workers for the busy holiday season, you should realize that you have to be as careful when choosing them as you are when you hire full-time employees.

Recruiting Tools Include Employee ScreeningWhy is that important?

You may not have considered the fact that many temporary employees have access to your crucial business information and records that are not for the eyes of the public. Those part-time workers may be well trained on business systems and know how to access those records. They also interact with the permanent employees and can learn procedures and “inside information” that are relevant parts of the unique way you run your business.

Background-screening companies offer that necessary extra layer of vigilance to make sure that the workers you are considering will be a faithful part of your organization while they are working for you, and won’t take “secrets” with them when they leave. Approximately 69% of employers are using screenings, according to an industry survey.

It is an unfortunate statistic that in 2013, one in every 39.5 employees in the retail industry was apprehended for theft from their employer. Dishonest employees steal an average of 5.4 times the amount of merchandise stolen by shoplifters.

Malls, charities, retailers and any business that hires Santa Clauses should be extra vigilant, because it is vital to obtain background information on any employee that interacts with children.

Screening is one way to protect your organization, retail or otherwise. A thorough background check by a professional background screener will relate the most accurate and comprehensive data on the employment, commercial, financial, credit history, and criminal records of a job candidate to aid in making a smart hiring decision.

AkkenCloud has partnered with Choice Screening, a leader in pre-employment background screening. Their system unifies reports from multiple agencies in one innovative, web-based platform, to make the screening process as thorough and efficient as possible.


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