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Benefits of an Efficient Applicant Tracking System

Benefits of an Efficient Applicant Tracking SystemWith an ever-increasing number of employment regulations to deal with, and the subsequent need to retain compliance documentation, proper record keeping has become a top priority for HR departments everywhere. From FLSA-required employee information, to FMLA leave information, employers must be able to produce the mandatory information quickly, in the event of an audit or investigation.

While organized applicant tracking is beneficial to all employers, it especially helps those subject to anti-discrimination laws, such as federal contractors with OFCCP requirements. And under the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures, even employers who are not legally obligated to do so are advised to track applicant diversity to show a good-faith effort to maintain non-discriminatory hiring practices.

Beyond the requirements and regulations, tracking applicant information can help all employers with workforce diversity efforts. Individuals of different ages, genders and ethnic groups bring varied points of view and experiences to the table, and organizations that can harness this broad knowledge base are necessarily stronger and better equipped to deal with today’s global economy. By recording and evaluating the demographic information of applicants, HR departments can determine whether or not their workforce is representative of the applicant pool, and make adjustments to recruiting and/or hiring practices as needed.

Clearly, excellent documentation is a must for any business, but it shouldn’t come at the cost of efficiency. Integrating front-, back-, and middle-office recruiting and hiring systems into one centralized hub is the best way to make sure everyone has the information they need – not only to comply with employment regulations, but also to make the best possible hiring decisions for the business.

Computerized applicant tracking methods, such as the AkkenCloud™ system, make it easy for your company to record and manage this vital information. It’s all centralized in one easy-to-use hub, and it’s accessible anywhere there’s an internet connection for maximum efficiency and productivity. For more information about our applicant tracking and other recruiting and staffing software solutions, please contact us.


Does your applicant tracking system process scanned paper resumes?

Hi Darren:
Thanks for your comment and question. Yes, as long as they are a .pdf and not an image file. The majority of scanners will save an image as a .pdf.


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