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How Companies Can Use Instagram to Recruit Millennials and Gen Z

Wondering how you can use Instagram to deal with your staffing issues? Check out these great tips for finding and recruiting the top talent in your field on Instagram right now…

As of 2018, there were more than one billion active users on Twitter. Around 65 percent of the social media platforms users are aged between 18 and 34. The platform is also incredibly creative. That makes it a very good place to find the right candidates for your company, not least because it has been found that 58 percent of professionals follow companies in order to look out for job vacancies and because 73 percent of Millenials found their last role via social media.

Okay, so how do you use it to find candidates like a pro recruiter?

Help Your Company Stand Out

Your companies Instagram account should stand out from the crowd if you want to attract candidates. It needs to tell a story using words and visuals so that candidates know exactly what your company is about and what kind of culture you foster. Every post you make should be on-brand, using your company’s tone of voice, and you should also include an easy option for getting in touch.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Using hashtags is a good way to find candidates who are operating in your industry. Many candidates use hashtags to finds new content on Instagram, and especially to find potential jobs, so using the kind of hashtags that your target audience is likely to be using is a great way to make them notice you.

Look for Industry Influencers

If you want to hire someone who really knows their stuff, look for the people who are the biggest influencers in your industry. They will have lots of followers because they really know what they are talking about and because they know how to engage your target audience. This could make them invaluable members of the team.

Go Behind the Scenes

Using Instagram to show what your company is like behind the scenes is really important. Candidates who use Instagram tend to value authenticity and that means they want to see what is really going on. So, don’t use stock photos – take your own, and put up lots of pictures of your employees working and playing. Post that picture of the day you all gave blood or the time the company baseball team won that big game, and build a picture showing them exactly why they want to work for you.

Engage with Candidates

Engaging with candidates, and other followers on Instagram for that matter is vital. Why? Because the more you engage, the more Instagram’s algorithm will push your posts amongst your followers, which will increase your visibility significantly. Not only that, but you need to build up strong relationships with candidates, and it seems less spammy to contact them with an opportunity if you have been engaging with them for a while already.

The Takeaway

Recruiting via Instagram is a good way to get fresh blood into your company, but it does take some time and effort. However, candidates who do apply from posts they find on Instagram are far more likely to be engaged with your company. If you build a strong brand and spend time engaging with your audience, you may be able to fill positions faster than you think using Instagram.

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