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3 Examples of Companies That Had Huge Success Using Social Media Marketing This Year

Did you know that more than 83 percent of customers say that they have had a bad experience with social media marketing?

It’s a stunning statistic that reveals just how easy it is for companies to make mistakes when trying to drum up business on sites like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Succeeding on social media is easier said than done. Some companies, however, have managed it. Here are some of their stories:

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Dacia’s Facebook Campaign

Ten years ago, very few people had heard of the Renault subsidiary brand, Dacia. The company, however, has performed a minor miracle, becoming one of the best-known budget car brands in the world, offering customers insane value on their vehicles.

Dacia used social media listening tools to find out what people wanted from their automobiles more than anything else. It soon became clear that the main problem with the high price of motoring. Dacia, therefore, set about creating a Facebook campaign that focused on both desktop and mobile users. It then went on to develop a series of ads targeted at people in different stages of the buying cycle. Some advertisements were simple introductions to the company, while others focused more on showing the benefits of individual models.

Dacia later revealed that they experienced a six-point increase in brand favorability and a six-point rise in purchase intent.

Red Bull On Instagram

Red Bull went from obscurity to one of the most valuable brands in the world in the space of just a few years. The way the company did this was with a highly successful social media campaign.

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Perhaps the most successful of all the company’s campaigns was its branding awareness for Summer Edition cans of Red Bull. The summer edition was supposed to be a refreshing, energizing drink that customers could consume over the summer months, while the weather was hot. Red Bull launched a campaign that features its newly branded summer drinks in beautiful, tropical, and summer settings. The brand, therefore, carefully associated itself with summer in the minds of its customers, pushing them to buy its products whenever they got that summer feeling. It was an intelligent campaign.

Glu On Instagram

Photo by zhang kaiyv from Pexels

Glu has been making games for phones since 2001 and continues to be a popular developer to this day. The company owns IPs such as Zombie Defense and Gun Bros.

Back in 2016, however, Glu faced a problem. It needed to increase the number of people downloading its games and wanted to target a wider audience, especially Instagram users.

Thus, the company immediately set about creating a social media campaign that would get people to download more of its games from the app store. Its strategy was to create a series of videos showing a real-life chef adding in-game objects from Diner Dash (one of the company’s games) to a recipe. The result was an exceptionally successful campaign that had a meaningful impact on Glu’s bottom line.

Since launching the Instagram campaign, the developer has seen a 39 percent increase in downloads. It also generated more than 800,000 impressions.

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