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Here’s What Job Seekers Need To Do To Their LinkedIn Profile To Get Hired

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Getting noticed by recruiters on LinkedIn can be challenging, especially if you have nothing particularly interesting to help you stand out. The key to getting noticed and ultimately hired on the platform is to understand what recruiters are looking for in new employees. In this post, we’re going to cover a few advanced techniques that will help you get noticed.

Don’t underestimate the importance of networking

Too many people set up their LinkedIn profile and just expect to get job offers. Even if they have incredible credentials and a lot of experience, simply having these qualifications isn’t going to help you get hired. The best way to get hired is to actually network on the platform. Considering that LinkedIn is considered a social media platform for professionals, it’s important to start reaching out and contact people that could be relevant to your preferred industry. This also means connecting with people on LinkedIn that you’ve worked within the past to ensure you have a chance to build a healthy network.

As building a network can take a long time, this is something that you should really do as soon as possible. Obviously, having absolutely nothing related to someone and trying to network with them can be strange, so we suggest taking contacts from your current job and branching out that way. You could also connect with previous colleagues and managers to slowly build your network. 

Think of your LinkedIn profile as a portfolio

A lot of people just consider their LinkedIn profile as nothing more than a profile. However, the reality is that you need to start thinking of it as a portfolio, a front-page to attract recruiters. There are a couple of obvious things to consider such as a good headshot picture and updated credentials, but you also need to think about including videos, presentations and other ways to demonstrate your skills and experience. The goal is to create a visual experience that allows recruiters to find out about you from a glance.

This is important because recruiters typically have to sift through lots of different profiles when searching for candidates. The easier your profile is to read and understand, the more likely you’ll be hired. This is something important to prepare for the future because recruiters enjoy seeing modern and up-to-date profiles that are visually appealing. We suggest cutting out as much fluff as possible and leaving out old and tired buzzwords in favor of modern terms.

Consider creating quality content 

One of the interesting things about LinkedIn is that it allows you to create content such as blog posts that can be pushed out to the whole community. Creating content like this not only helps people search for you, but it also allows you to show your skills, experience and intelligence.

High-quality articles can be shared with other LinkedIn members, they can attract wider audiences and potentially open you up to new networking opportunities. It’s a fantastic way to actively grow your personal brand and get hired in the future.

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