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3 Keys To Scaling Your Staffing Agency in 2020

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic shook the world, recruitment agencies have been given a key role in helping rebuild specific industries and bring back a thriving economy. Staffing agencies in 2020 and beyond will need to focus on scaling their operations both in terms of numbers and skills. With more unfilled positions than ever, it’s tough to find experienced individuals that are qualified to undertake specific positions.

To keep your staffing agency growing in 2020, here are a few key aspects to focus on.

Scale up staffing agency
These tips will help you scale your staffing agency

1. If you haven’t already, start embracing remote workflows

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many people to start working from home if they want to keep their businesses running. To do so, many companies have had to set up makeshift remote workflows that vaguely represent their normal productivity levels. However, with a bit of fine-tuning, COVID-19 has taught us that a physical workplace isn’t mandatory to run a successful company.

As a result, many of these companies have decided to start recruiting remote employees that can not only keep their business running but scale up their operations for a much lower cost than hiring local employees. While this only works for companies that are capable of operating in the cloud, it’s worth considering working with remote employees as a staffing agency in 2020. Even without the COVID-19 pandemic to worry about, more and more companies are taking an interest in the advantages of a remote workflow.

2. Keep an eye out for emerging industries

The recent pandemic has ruined many industries and weakened others. This has created many jobless yet skilled and experienced individuals that are just waiting for an opportunity. To skirt around this downturn, you can expect many budding entrepreneurs to come up with unique ideas and form new emerging industries.

Recruitment agencies tend to specialize in specific sectors. Still, by being agile and taking advantage of these emerging industries, you’ll face less competition and establish yourself as a reputable staffing agency. Staying ahead of the curve and providing a staffing service for these companies can create many unique opportunities and develop solid business relationships.

3. Embrace the use of social media as a staffing agency

Many young adults use social media as a way to recruit new talent and look for jobs. It’s not just platforms such as LinkedIn either. You’ll find plenty of talented yet jobless individuals on Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram. Most traditional staffing agencies don’t consider these platforms when looking for recruits. Still, by having a strong social media presence, you could harness the raw talent that is abundant on social platforms.

This is a unique approach that few staffing agencies have experimented with, making it an ideal testing ground for new and innovative strategies for scaling your business in 2020.

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