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Benefits of a Fully Automated Time & Expense System

AkkenCloud TimeSheets Expense ReportsWith the vast number of different systems, programs, and applications that staffing companies are using to help them complete time and expense reports, sometimes it’s hard to know which is the best solution. However, this is for certain: if staffing companies are looking for maximal productivity, chasing time cards won’t get them there. If companies are in pursuit of greater efficiency, spending hundreds of hours on data entry each week won’t do the trick, either. Duplicate data entry means higher risk for error, and this risk is amplified if the company uses multiple systems when it could be using one.

The all in AkkenCloud’s time import tool works to eliminate the potential for hindrances such as these before they can occur. Compatible with all time card and VMS systems, our time import tool can read time sheets and expenses from any source in any format, and then processes these automatically into the AkkenCloud system. With just the click of a mouse, AkkenCloud BackOffice users can create accurate invoices and payroll, saving them hundreds of hours each month that would otherwise have been spent on various methods of manual data entry—oftentimes even entering the same data into a number of systems. The hours saved can then be put towards the more innovative aspects of your business, allowing more opportunity for growth and success.

In addition to the time import tool, the AkkenCloud platform also offers both Employee Self Service and Customer Self Service features, which have proven immensely helpful in terms of bolstering efficiency for staffing firms. With the Employee Self Service feature, temp employees are able to log their hours on personal time sheets and easily submit their expenses. Although this is done online, it needn’t be done on a computer; it can more conveniently be completed on the go via a mobile device or tablet. Once managers or job supervisors are automatically notified of time and expense submissions, they can approve these and instantly send them on their way.

The best staffing companies prioritize making business processes as streamlined as possible. With AkkenCloud’s simple and efficient time and expense system, you’ll immediately notice the time saved, not to mention the positive impact of inherent organization. We think it’s time you got started, don’t you?

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