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Tips For Advertising Your Staffing Company

Starting a staffing business and running it successfully isn’t easy, there are a million plates to spin. You first have to get a unique idea, create a business plan, and potentially get funding. You then have to set up the business and advertise. It’s this last part we are concerned about in this post. Advertising is key to creating a staffing company that gets results.

The world of advertising has been transformed in the last decade or more. Since Google revolutionized it with its digital advertising practices. Today, businesses globally can afford not to invest in the practices that keep people clicks and money moving. See below for the most useful advertising practices for your business.

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Social media now has around 3.8 billion users every day. That’s a colossal amount of people that can’t be ignored when thinking about advertising your business. Although it’s called ‘social media, it’s as much for business these days.

Social media followed on the coattails of major search engines like Google when it came to a model for advertising. As a result, social media is just as effective at reaching relevant customers. And the process of advertising your business or product is just as easy.

Set up a dedicated page on your Facebook account for your staffing business and link your website to the profile.


Social media for advertising your business cannot be ignored in today’s digital world, but neither can conventional search engine ads. These are typically called pay-per-click ads or PPC. They work by paying a premium for the ad.

Although you pay for the ad it is more like applying some of your business advertising budgets to the ad process. The ads will display on the Internet in relevant places but you will only be charged for them if someone clicks.

When you get a click you are charged by the search engine. A click on an ad is a very good lead. The chances of landing a new client are high and most businesses report a return of two to one.


The interest has revolutionized the world of advertising so much now that conventional ads in publications and broadcast media are deemed second-rate. It’s no wonder when you consider the power of targeted advertising.

With targeted advertising, your ads are shown to people in your demographic audience. That means people who are a very specific age group or personality. This increases the chances of obtaining successful leads.

Moreover, there are retrieving processes that allow your business to show ads to those who have shown some interest in your product or website. A retrieved ad will remind the browser of your product or service at a later date.


Broadcast media still has a lot to offer in terms of promoting your brand or business and generating interest. Local radio is a good example.

Some local radio stations are ideal for promoting your business or services because they either reach a large section of your target audience all at once. This can be utilized effectively in conjunction with digital ads for excellent local results.

Print media too shouldn’t be ignored as it still has something to offer, especially if your audience are in the older demographic. Older people are not as technically minded and tend to rely on older media forms for their information and ads.


Along with social media ads and PPC ads you can benefit from mobile ads. It’s estimated that three billion people worldwide are now using smartphones which again cannot be ignored when promoting your business in the modern world.

Mobile ads also have several advantages over conventional ads and other forms of digital advertising. In main they allow people to be shown ads on the go which is extremely advantageous if you operate in the local area. Your customers can be targeted on the go.

Consider the advantages of showing your customer, or future customer, a deal related to their browsing history or past interaction with your business. There’s a much higher chance of grabbing their attention. Mobile ads make this possible.


Digital advertising has taken advertising to new heights in the last decade or so. It has been so effective that it has services many conventional advertising practices that were fundamental in the industry for decades. Your staffing company can benefit massively from embracing a variety of digital advertising practices and investing.

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