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Tips for Recruiters to Maintain Momentum Going Into The Holidays

Tips for recruiters

The year 2020 has been an unprecedented year that has affected every company differently. Some have been quiet and had to lay off staff, causing a reduction in motivation for those left to pick up the slack, and others have seen such an increase in business that staff members have been rushed off their feet. Couple this with the fact that the year is coming to an end, and momentum in the workplace can be hard to maintain.

This time of year typically brings a slump, as many staff members are off to spend time with families, end of year reports are having to take place, and budgets are running low before the year restarts. No matter the reason for it, you will want to keep your team motivated right through until 2020 can finally wrap up and your team can begin 2021 with a full pipeline.

Here are some tips for recruiters for maintaining momentum during this historically slow time of year.

Touch base with your employees regularly

This is particularly important if the staff has to work from home as the lack of communication and social interaction can be demotivating. Be sure to touch base with your employees regularly, so they don’t feel forgotten about, and show your appreciation.

Use this time to answer any questions or queries they might have as well as address any concerns. It is up to you how often you do touch base with your employees, but it is recommended to speak to them, if only briefly, once a week to ensure everything is ticking over smoothly.

Don’t assume all companies are slowing down the hiring process

While the end of the year might seem like everyone’s attention is focused on the upcoming holiday season, that is not always the case. You mustn’t just assume that all companies are slowing down the hiring process and encouraging your staff to think this way.

It can be a good time for hires as those who normally have the awkward situation of booking time off an existing job for an interview with a new company already have time scheduled off for the festive season. The fact more employees are working from home also means video interviews are easier than ever.

Throw a virtual Christmas party

Christmas parties and other types of holiday parties are usually a great way to keep everyone motivated and in the zone throughout December, yet this isn’t necessarily the case this year. Instead, why not look into throwing a virtual party? It is easier than ever to throw a party through Zoom or Microsoft Teams. A Christmas or New Years’ party is the ideal way to ensure your employees feel motivated and valued going into 2021. 

Set targets and rewards

If you find momentum dwindling, you could introduce set targets or rewards for December and make it fun. Why not try a holiday-themed challenge where whoever hits a target or achieves something each day gets to pick a prize? This could go throughout December and is a great way to incentivize. Start the prizes small and make them progressively bigger the closer it gets to the end of the year.

These are just a few top tips for recruiters for maintaining momentum as we usher in the holiday season and the end of the year is in sight.

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